Our Flatiron studio may be closed, but the entire Core Crew is poised to keep you moving from our homes to yours.

Note: This post is an evolving document. As more questions come in, we will answer them here so that we can provide you the best customer service possible.


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  1. Download the Zoom app for your computer or phone from Zoom.us.(We recommend doing this in advance of your session.)
  2. You will receive a custom link from hello@fitgrid.com approximately 1 hour before your class starts.
  3. Click the link approximately 5-10 minutes before your class.

Note: You may be asked to wait if your instructor is not yet in the Meeting. You can use this time to test your video.


  1. Download the Zoom app for your computer or phone from Zoom.us. (We recommend doing this in advance of your session.)
  2. Please look below for the links and meeting IDs for your respective teacher. Click on the link or enter the meeting ID at the time of your meeting.

Note: Your teacher may have another private or session directly before you as well as various sessions throughout the day. Please don’t click the link until 5 minutes before your session. You may receive a message that you are in the waiting room. Your teacher will let you into the Zoom room when they are ready.



How Much Are Classes?

You can buy a single online class for $20, or use any pre-existing package you have with Core.

Do you have any Online Class Packages?

We have just introduced a 2 Week CORE-antine Unlimited Membership for $139. Limit one class per day. There is no auto-renew.

You can also buy any Mat Class Package and apply it for these classes.

What if I have a Mat or Apparatus Package but prefer to pay for a single Online class?

If you have a pre-existing package and prefer to buy an online credit, buy the credit first and then register for class. (Go to Mindbody Online or App instead of the widget on our website.)

What props do I need?

For most of our classes, all you need is a mat (or a piece of floor or carpet that you are comfortable lying down on). For class specific props, click on Book Pilates Classes at the top of this page, and under the class schedule click on the little arrow next to class names (View Details) … it will show recommended props in the class description.

I didn’t get my link. HELP!!

You should receive your link directly from FitGrid.com about 1 hour prior to your class. Please check your spam folder. If you haven’t received a link by 10 minutes prior to your class, please email onlinestudio@corepilatesnyc.com.

I got my link for my last class. Can I use it again?

Unfortunately not. The links are generated for you specifically for each class. But don’t worry, you will get a link for your next class about an hour before it happens.

I have a Zoom account, but it is affiliated with a different email than the one I’m receiving my FitGrid link from. It doesn’t seem to work.

We recommend updating the email associated with your account. You can do this by logging into your profile or by sending us an email. (Note: this means all your confirmation emails, receipts, etc. will go to that address too.)

How does this work? Will my teacher be able to see me?

Your teacher will absolutely be able to see you and the other class participants, so we advise you to set up your camera so that the teacher can see you when you are lying down on your mat. If you login a few minutes early, Zoom will give you the option to test your video and audio, so you can see what the instructor sees. We are intentionally keeping our classes at 16 people so our instructors can see everyone and give individual corrections, just like you have come to expect in the studio.

My registration won’t go through. What is happening?

The cut off to sign up for class is 10 minutes before the class starts. This is because of technical logistics. Our system which generates and sends out links has a bit of a delay. We need this window to make sure everyone gets a link in plenty of time.

If none of these things answer your question, please email us and we will help you as soon as possible.

TEACHER ZOOM LINKS AND MEETING IDs Note: These are for private sessions only.

Apprentice (New Teacher Privates) 512-342-7563

Alexandra Abrams 472-188-4962

Dan Weltner 465-822-1631

Deb Troche 629-230-7588

Debby Nugent 343-047-0245

Eun-Young Kim 470-839-8956

Jane Rim 306-808-2918

Jenn Lancaster 336-525-9562

Jenny Hoofnagle 334-621-8013

Juliana Beckel 353-118-6381

Kaitlyn Schuetze 394-070-5100

Kelli Cruz 917-796-0072

Marjorie Gross 652-292-7760

Nikki Hung 589-035-2555