Established in 2002, Core Pilates NYC ranks amongst New York City’s best and most recognized studio names for classical Pilates apparatus sessions, group classes, and certifications offered worldwide.

A Core Pilates NYC instructor is characteristic. They have an uncanny ability to tweak little details to get the most out of you. Their understanding of anatomy and movement is second to their talent in conveying the Method’s principles for all to understand. Most of the instructors are graduates of a CPNYC teacher training program and come from backgrounds as diverse as professional dancing to international journalism.

We’re rooted in the original teachings of Joseph Pilates because in our opinion it is truly the only way to get that zing in your body and mind during and after class. But we are also creative thinkers and have challenged convention with doses of modern choreography, sculpting trends and fusion classes.

This is where you’ll experience how we’ve raised the bar. Our Pilates classes are recognized as “smart,” with innovative twists to the classical themes that always keep them fresh.

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Variety is a vital part of training and our instructors create a customized Pilates workout that builds in intensity with endless modifications that never get boring. Sessions always circuit through a each piece of Pilates apparatus and classes are strict on classical flow, dynamism, and choreography to keep it fun and challenging. We encourage you to try different teachers to deepen and enrich your technique.


Michelle Fama

Founder & Creative Director

Candid, Empowering, Unexpected, Insightful

Prefers Mat over Reformer any day but loves a good fusion (Reformer Barre please!) When she’s not diving into content and digital strategy for Core and consulting for start ups, she’s pounding the pavement of a vintage flea market (with her side kick pup Jack) looking for killer interior finds, baking cookies or meatballs, researching the Cali cannabis industry for her next project, and most likely has paint in her hair from another DIY in her Venice Beach bungalow. She’s also a super woman at binge watching, and gets to the desert or on a plane whenever she can.

Natalie Neckyfarow

General Manager, Instructor

Attentive, Detail-Oriented, Creative

She’s our triple threat – manager, movie musical lover, and writer. A grad of the Kane School, she’s also been teaching Pilates since 2001. When she’s not overseeing studio operations or working on balance and strength in her fav Core 20/20/20 class she’s discovering an inspiring coffee shop and unleashing her creativity in writing projects… currently a pilot and a web series. Ask her about her one woman show or to quote any lyric from Thoroughly Modern Millie
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Jennifer Lancaster

Director of Education, CPNYC Faculty, Instructor

Technical, detailed, fun, creative and encouraging.

For that versatile and fun workout she looks nowhere else than our 30/30 class. When not on the Tower (her favorite apparatus) she is inspiring dance students with choreography and traveling with her guitar playing husband. She’s also looking to get her hands really dirty and take up gardening very soon!
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Marjorie Gross

Instructor, CPNYC Faculty

Spirited, Dynamic, Attentive, Supportive

She refers to the Chair workout (her fav) as an exercise in survival and never gets bored with the endless possibilities of the Tower. She LOVES dance and moving and watching people move and keeps her loved ones super close. A lake swim, dose of nature and letting her wander is her trifecta.
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Jenny Hoofnagle

Instructor, Pre/Postnatal Programming

Friendly and Open, Technical, Detailed

Jenny likes to get the booty burn from our Reformer Barre class. Did you know she’s also a Pre/Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist? Jenny’s fallen in love with training mamas to be and new mamas to stay safe and fit from the moment they find out they’re expecting until they meet their little one. She loves it so much, she’s decided to specialize in training this clientele. Ask Jenny to sing you a song. We had no idea she sings also!!
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Amanda Vandeventer

Instructor, Pro Class, CPNYC Mentor

Nurturing, Detail Oriented, Fun

She’s our powerhouse in the family. Ask her what she did today and it will involve at least 3 hours of physical fitness. Every. Single. Day she runs and does Pilates. No joke. Always and forever with the Pilates Chair and her fav class is the combo challenge the 20/20/20 delivers. Old movies, the Sunday crossword puzzle, baking and homemade pasta rule her weekends as does seeing her Italian family nearby. You won’t find a more passionate animal lover – she wanted to be a vet and open an animal shelter and save all the puppies and chinchillas of the world.
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Nikki Hung

Instructor, CPNYC Faculty

Lighthearted, Precise, Clear, Challenging

Variety is the spice – as they say. Nikki likes her workout spicy preferring the classes that give her all apparatus; 30/30 and our 20/20/20. If she had her way we would incorporate Hip Hop Dance cardio to our offerings! Eating baked goods (not baking them), black cats (especially her vampire kitty Lumpy), and strange museums are part of what makes her tick — Morbid Anatomy Museum anyone (she used to be a docent there).
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Carrie Campbell

CPNYC Lead Teacher Trainer

Classical yet progressive, precise

With over 20 years of teaching and educating, there isn’t anything this seasoned pro can’t do! Our teacher of teachers leads workshops nationwide and when she’s not on the mat or teaching her fav Core Tower classes, she’s hiking or toting her kids (with Swell bottle and hand packed lunch in hand!) to the soccer field or dance studio
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Jennifer Lancaster

Director of Education, CPNYC Faculty, Instructor

Technical, detailed, fun, creative and encouraging.

For that versatile and fun workout she looks nowhere else than our 30/30 class. When not on the Tower (her favorite apparatus) she is inspiring dance students with choreography and traveling with her guitar playing husband. She’s also looking to get her hands really dirty and take up gardening very soon!
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The Team

Eun-Young Kim

Pre/Postnatal Specialty Instructor

Nurturing, Informative with an attention to detail

It all started 12+ years ago with the birth of my first kid! Crossing paths with my postnatal Pilates instructor and seeing what Pilates can do for my own body after birth (and before the subsequent 2 kids!) was a game changer. Working with this population continues to hold a dear place in my teaching – I have laughed and cried with many clients throughout their motherhood journey!
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Juliana Beckel


Thoughtful, Creative, Detailed

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Alexandra Abrams


Motivating, Charismatic, Bubbly and Attentive

If you can combine fresh guac, a basket full of kittens within one fab Tower class you would have just a few of her favorite things! When she’s not indulging in dance she’s with her new hubby on the tennis court.
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Kelly Spitko


Fresh, Driven, and Evolving

This girl lives for travel (a studio in Bali one day?) and her pup Porter, the Min Pin. Her appetite for books is only rivaled by her love of baked goods. If you don’t see her in her fav 20/20/20 class here at Core keep an eye out for her on your TV with varied acting appearances!
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Ada Stroem


Creative, joyful, challenging

Taking a private session with our podcast loving Ada will leave your mind and body soaring. Her Bolonoodle puppy Panda is her #1 hobby along with baking healthy foods, and you’ll definitely catch her in a Pilates class in between clients or Pilates-ing in Williamsburg.
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Kelli Cruz

Senior Instructor

Form focused, conscientious, challenging and always encouraging.

20/20/20 class is the best of all Pilates has to offer and she loves this class just as much as she adores the Tower. She’s the traveler in our group always up for some new adventure anywhere in the world. Her curious spirit also dips into hot Vinyasa classes and if you spot her outside of the studio be sure to yell loudly…her earphones are plugged into some great podcast or a Netflix binge.
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Dan Weltner

Senior Instructor

Spontaneous, Dynamic, Humorous :))

Dan has a knack. A knack for making your core hurt not just from his favorite Core workout, the Reformer Barre, but from making you laugh. His teaching won’t rip you apart but will pull you together in the best way possible.

Have a sweet tooth? Dan’s baked goods (cookies, cakes, and irresistible lemon bars) are to die for from his baking business. Oh and he’s a published author!
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Deb Troche

Senior Instructor

Motivational dominatrix with some smartypants thrown in for laughs.

She loves knowing that her clients are cursing her out the day after a Jumpboard class (her fav to teach) and when not riding her bike or Peloton around the city she’s listening to Soca music, adoring her insta-famous dog @herschel_the_doxador and acting. Yes you will see her in things!
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Debby Nugent


Playful, Detailed, Imaginative, Encouraging

She’s our nature lover and climber. And lover a little rock & roll music! When she’s not indulging in the spice of our 20/20/20 class she’s hiking with her pup Piper and seeking spots in the middle of nowhere. Her wanderlust propels her toward unique cultures in travel and adventure.
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Kaitlyn Schuetze


Curious, Creative, Engaging

Who can relate? She loves mashed potatoes and trash TV. If she’s not brunching or loving Classic Mat, she’s dancing with family and friends. She’s a whiz at the Monday crossword puzzle and she’s our most festive friend here at Core as she loves holiday decorations.
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Jane Rim


Intuitive, Creative, Technical

Fur babies + backyard gardening + learning guitar are just a few hobbies you can find her doing off the Pilates mat in her not-so-spare time. She’s busy loving time on the Reformer or gracing her favorite class at Core, the 30/30.
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Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone


Technical, hyper-observant, creative cue-er!

On a given day, you’ll find this powerhouse choreographing her latest dance project, handling communications for Clowns Without Borders USA, or meeting deadlines for dance publications. (I cover dance and music for various publications). When she’s not in her fav 30/30 class she’s commuting by bike, fighting for justice, reading the news. Oh yeah and she’s moderately psychic and obsessed with Star Trek.
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Daniel Gaouette


Precise, Challenging, Fun

He’s come back home! When he’s not wandering the urban jungle or hitting on the city’s public tennis courts he’s showing off perfect form in his fav CPNYC class, Chair Balance + Strength, or running (not walking) toward the Reformer with his clients (his fav equipment). Give this boy dessert and Netflix anytime.
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