Do you feel like you are in a rut with your At Home Pilates sessions? Are you aching for some variety and new challenges?

Since it looks like we are all going to need to stay home a little longer, our instructors are planning to up the ante for you by incorporating props into their classes. Don’t worry!! We’ll give you a couple of weeks to get your arsenal together.

Don’t want to order and buy your own? We also have a limited number of prop sets available for you to rent from us directly.

Here are all the details:

OPTION 1: Rent your props from Core!

For a low monthly fee of $20, get what you need from us. Perfect if you don’t have a ton of space or want to get your hands on some of the more expensive or harder to find options.

What’s included:

Want a cushy Core mat as well? Add it to your rental for an additional $5 a month.

Click here to reserve yours now.

OPTION 2: Buy your own props!

The Essentials:

Magic Circle – The quintessential Pilates prop. Here’s the one we have in the studio.

STOTT 14″ Fitness Circle. $34.95 Click here to buy.

BallCan be used to squeeze or put under your low back for a variety of exercises. Also great for Dan’s Pilates Barre class to up the intensity!! We have the Gertie Balls in the studio. A few additional similar options for your perusal.

Gertie Balls (pack of 4) $37.99 Click here to buy.

Pro Body Mini Exercise Ball $13.95 Click here to buy.

nononfish Min Exercise Ball $7.95 Click here to buy.

Hand Weights – 2 lbs in what we typically use in studio for Pilates. If you are taking Nikki’s Pilates + Strength Class, you might want to go a little heavier.

SPRI Dumbells – $21.81. Click here to buy.

Therabands For the best value, buy a kit with multiple resistance options. The beginner kit has red, yellow and green. The advanced kit silver, blue back. Note: In studio, we typically use the blue one.

Beginner Kit $16.85 Click here to buy.

Advanced Kit $15.99 Click here to buy.

Bonus Props:

Resistance Bands – These are specifically recommended for Nikki’s Pilates + Strength Class. You could get by with just Therabands but resistance bands definitely work better for certain exercises.

Fit Simplify Kit $17.85 Click here to buy.

Foam Roller – There are several different types. We recommend you pick according to what you intend to use it for. MELT Rollers are what we have in studio and are softer and can be used for MELT Method Exercises. The OPTP Pro Roller and SPRI Roller are more firm, offer more stability, and are good for traditional rolling. They should not be used for MELT. Be sure to buy the 36″ version!

MELT Roller $69.99 Click here to buy.

OPTP Pro, $49.99 Click here to buy.

SPRI, $31.14 Click here to buy.

Yoga Strap – Great for assisted stretching if you are particularly tight.

Yoga Accessories $8.49 Click here to buy.

Yoga Block – Great for Natalie’s Pilates & Yoga Fusion Class. Brings the floor to you. Also can be great for balancing and resistance between hands and feet.

Yoga Accessories Cork $16.99 Click here to buy.

MELT Hand/Foot Kit – If you’ve taken Marjorie’s Hand/Foot Restorative class, you know the power of these little balls.

Full kit $49.99 Click here to buy.

Performance Kit $28.95 Click here to buy.

Questions about these props? Having a difficult time deciding what to invest in? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re happy to help.

Email us now.