Why do the prenatal/postnatal Pilates classes rock at Core Pilates NYC?

We’ve thoughtfully designed our classes that are only taught by our fully certified instructors who have received specialized training in how to teach Pilates to the prenatal and postnatal body.


Why should I do Pilates during pregnancy?:

According to Exercising Through Your Pregnancy by Dr. James F. Clapp III, women who exercise through their pregnancy benefit from:

As well as the benefits directly to their babies:


What Can I Expect in a Prenatal/Postnatal Pilates class at Core? 

55 minute group class (maximum of 6 for apparatus class and 12 for mat class) rooted in Joe Pilates’ original movement order as well as the 6 Pilates principles: 1) breath 2) control 3) concentration 4) flow 5) precision 6) centering, on various apparatus that is 100% pregnancy safe! 


The Details on Our Special Class Structure:

10-15 minutes focused on breathing and pelvic floor work

30-40 minutes of a series of pregnancy safe Pilates and Pilates based variations on the mat, tower, chair and reformer (all class types are offered)

There will be a focus on how to properly activate (and release) the TVA and pelvic floor throughout class as well as glute strength, balance, posture and alignment, upper body strength, alleviating common aches and pains that come along with pregnancy, promoting proper blood flow and digestion.

5-10 minutes of targeted stretching towards areas that will benefit most prenatal / postnatal changes in the body


We See the Benefits of Prenatal/Postnatal Pilates as :

One-on-one Private sessions are available as well and you can expect just as many benefits with even more personalization and considerations to your body’s needs. Call or email the studio today to book your session!

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“I’m especially grateful that I only had to push for 11 minutes thanks to all the Pilates classes at Core.”

(Thanks to these rockstar prenatal teachers – Jenny, Jane, Marjorie, Kelli, Debby and Nicole!)

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new mama and Core client, Caroline