The Mat Training Course

The Mat Training Course integrates both beginner mat AND intermediate mat exercises together in one course. Over the course of 2 weekends and 32 hours, students will become fluent in teaching over 30 Pilates mat exercises, the classical Pilates beginner and intermediate mat sequence, as well as innovative modifications to challenge or simplify each exercise according to varying fitness levels or common injuries.


Classical. Yet Progressive.
A Place to Start
with CPNYC Faculty.


For most students wanting to pursue a career as a Pilates instructor, learning the foundation of the Method through the matwork is the first step. Our Mat Training Course provides the most extensive mat education delivering both beginner and intermediate exercises in one course. Or students can choose our level-based courses as they decide which career path is right for them. No springs, straps or bars necessary to make for a challenging workout. In fact a major benefit to Pilates mat and teaching it is the fact that it can be practiced or taught anywhere. From dvd’s, podcasts, smart phone apps, to traditional group class settings in fitness centers and studios the options are limitless for instructors and clients alike. For each exercise in the mat repertoire, our courses provide modifications to simplify and modifications to challenge the corresponding exercises lending to a vast array of options to keep the Method alive and individualized for each client and class.

Course Summary


Get ready. Walk in. Stand up and teach. It happens that quickly. We throw you in to knock the nerves out the park so you are clear and present. The group begins to understand the fundamentals and principles of the Method and of teaching the Method. Differentiating technique versus cueing when teaching and then understanding the beginner level mat exercises and it’s role for what’s to come.


Observe classes in the studio as part of an optional apprenticeship. Practice teaching and following along in our online platform.


What a difference a week makes. We come together again to introduce and practice the Intermediate level mat exercises. Emphasis on class structure and the “whys” of the order are discussed. Practical Exam.

How to Prepare

Complete 10 – 15 hours of Pilates Mat instruction at Core Pilates NYC. If the classes have been taken at another studio, students will be asked to submit a log of classes taken or a letter of reference from a certified Pilates teacher.

You're Ready

  • Access for life to the CPNYC online education platform for video manuals, written manuals, reference exercise videos and anatomy videos.
  • Exam fees (re-tests result in an additional fee)
  • Optional apprenticeship, professional tools and guidance for post-course job acquisition, ACE & NASM credits (3.4 ACE, 3.2 NASM)


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In-Studio Course