Getting Started

I’m new to Pilates and your studio. How best to begin at your studio?

We always recommend that a new client interested in taking class or sessions at our studio first begin by taking at least 3 private sessions with us first thing, although it’s not mandatory. Our intro packages make that an easy and affordable option. Working with your own private trainer during those sessions will educate you on your body, it’s alignment and you’ll learn how to optimally work your body AND the apparatus when you go solo in group apparatus classes.

What’s your cancellation policy and what happens if I show up late?

We require 12-hours advanced notice if you can’t make it to a scheduled class and 24-hour advanced notice if you can’t make it to a scheduled private session. If you cancel after that notice you will be charged the full price. If you are late getting to the studio, we permit you to join class within the first 10 minutes, after which we cannot grant you access out of courtesy to the other folks in class and the instructor.

Which class should I take?

We offer so many that finding one at a time you need is easy. Descriptions of each class are located in an easy-to-read page on our website. If you are brand new to Pilates we always recommend a private or 2 under your belt so we can show you what to do. In general however, most of our classes except for our Mat Classes take place on the apparatus – Reformer, Tower, Chairs and are limited to 6 people.

Do I need to bring a mat… anything else to bring?

We provide everything! We have special Pilates mats (thicker than your usual yoga mat) and have filtered water on hand. We provide a dressing room and reception area. It’s best to wear tighter fitting clothing so your instructor can better see your alignment and muscle engagement.

Are your teachers experienced with special needs such as back pain?

Yes! Whether you experience acute neck, back or shoulder pain or have knee or hip issues, our instructors have experience with it all. We welcome any inquiries you might have so we can best pair you with a teacher or class that would be the most effective for YOU.

What is your prenatal policy?

Our studio has a reputation for being one of the best studios for new moms and moms-to-be. We have a robust offering of classes designed for what the body needs during the 3 trimesters and after pregnancy. We also offer specialty private sessions with our specially trained instructors. We require our prenatal clients to stick to the prenatal classes. And any person who hasn’t done Pilates with us before pregnancy should provide a written note from the doc giving the ok.

Teacher Training & Certification

Do you offer a payment plan for your Comprehensive Teacher Training Course?

Yes we do offer an installment option for our Comprehensive Training Course. Pay half up front to secure your spot and then finance over the course of 3 months. As always, please contact education@corepilatesnyc.com if you have specific questions.

Do you offer a workstudy option to reduce the cost of your teacher training courses?

Our workstudy program as part of our Comprehensive Training Course has been successful for the past 15 years! We require an upfront payment of half the tuition and the remainder of the tuition is “worked off” as a front desk team leader. We take applications year-round and only accept 3 per course (twice a year).

I have so many questions. Who do I contact?

Our director LIVES for you to contact her! She can talk and walk you through our entire enrollment process as well as coach you through the many options available to you. Her name is Jenn and she will quickly respond to education@corepilatesnyc.com

I may have to miss one of the mandatory weekend intensives, can I still enroll?

Well, yes and no.  There ARE things to consider. We are sticklers and it is vital to participate in ALL required weekends for the entire 6 months. Clear your calendars if you desire to have a seamless apprenticeship.  If you know ahead of time or an emergency comes up here is the protocol:

You will incur a $400 fee per missed weekend in order to attend our CPNYC intensive makeup session(s). This is required even if just a day of any weekend will be missed. Based on test out performance you may be required to audit/attend the next course’s weekend which will postpone your certificate of training.

Another option? Wait until the next course!
Why is your Comprehensive program 6 months? What if it takes me longer?

We call it immersion for a reason! And like learning any new language the more concentrated your learning experience and with the support of your peers that are in your course, the more fluent and confident you will become as a new teacher. There is a monthly studio rental fee after the 6-months should more time be needed to fulfill the requirements. Our director will discuss options on an individual basis.

I work a full-time job. Can I still enroll?

The answer is definitely. Our Mat Training Course seminars take place over 2 weekends and our Comprehensive Training Immersion Course is a 6-month program that conducts intensive seminars on weekends throughout. The apprenticeship requires about 15-20 hours per week of in-studio time which is flexible. Many students joined our courses with full-time jobs or with young children at home and were able to make it work.

Will I be certified?

It’s an interesting industry question for sure! You can claim “certified” only by sitting for the independent third party exam administered by the Pilates Method Alliance. This is true for ALL teacher training programs at any studio. After successfully completing our coursework and program you will be issued  a recognized certificate of training that qualifies you as a professional Core Pilates NYC Instructor.  You then with be prepared AND have the option to sit for the PMA exam, if you so choose. Otherwise, you can seek employment directly after just with your certificate of training.

How much time is required?

Our comprehensive program is a 600+ hour apprenticeship program. We estimate a minimum of 15 hours per week should be spent in the studio in order to keep up with the demands of the program, coursework and required hours.

What makes this program classical?

The creatives and founders behind  CPNYC’s teacher training programs were classically trained within the lineage of Joseph Pilates himself; through Romana, Bob Liekens, and Power Pilates respectively. There are endless adaptations of Pilates currently offered at studios and gyms, but Classical Pilates is considered to be the practice in its truest form. That’s not to say that other versions should be dismissed – far from it – but if you’re looking for authenticity, this is definitely where you want to start.

Our itinerary and methodology follows the sequence of work, designed to move the body through the full range of movement and builds intelligently with foundational exercises at the beginning and more complex exercises as you gain strength and control.  Our apprentices learn to focus on the entire body, mind and spirit, making it a holistic, healing, safe and effective practice




Are there requirements after I graduate?

You should always continue your education! We require Core grads to complete at least 6 CEC’s (continuing education credits) per year either through Core Pilates NYC’s offerings or at other accredited studios and conferences. Your certificate of training will be valid each year after receiving proof of CEC’s.


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