Livestream Your Pilates Education With Core

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You Pilates teachers are ALL OVER the globe. And our graduates are no exception. Wrangling y’all into the studio for even the most desired workshop has its limitations. To break past that we’ve got the latest in tech to bring our LIVE workshops to you through livestream… and an adorable camera guy to boot! Our 2018 workshop calendar is getting ROBUST and we want you to grow with us. Here’s the nitty gritty.

Will I be watching the full course live as it’s happening?

YES! That’s the point. To make you feel like you are here. We even position the streaming camera so you get front row seats.

Once I pay, what do I do next?

Mark your calendar as if you were attending live. About 30 minutes before the course begins you will get a link in your inbox that, once clicked, will connect your computer or mobile screen to the studio automatically.

What if I don’t have access to a computer?

You can also connect via your mobile smartphone. You will need an internet connection or your phone’s network.

What can I expect to see?

You will see in HD! Seriously, you will see the workshop and presenter and the live group as if you were here. You even have the added advantage of the camera zooming in for the best perspective.

Can I interact? Can you see me?

No. You can watch in your undies if you prefer! Our camera guy (and myself as moderator) will check in from time to time if there are any technical glitches but you will simply sit back, watch and listen.

I get distracted. Can I purchase the recorded version of the livestream?

Why yes you can! The beauty of technology allows us to record the workshop and upload it for purchase so you can have it FOREVER to review, practice, listen and learn over and over.

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