It’s summer shake up time! Your favorite Core teachers might be basking in the Bali sun or performing on stages across Europe which means our classes are temporarily manned by some new talent. We see it as an opportunity. Variety is the spice of life as they say. So to get you acquainted with this summer’s batch of new resident teachers here is the first of several instructor profiles. Say hello to them, take their class and have a fab summer everybody! 


Rhiona O’Loughlin has been teaching for 3.5 years and is a graduate of Core’s Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program. She has a dance background as well, and has been practicing Pilates for around 10 years. She loves to teach able, active bodies;  dancers, athletes, and brand new Pilates students. She works with clients with injuries including back, neck, ankle, and hip/pelvis issues.  She has also done many extended learning workshops on male clients and their specific injuries. She is also and pre/postnatal certified.

What is your Pilates story?

I grew up tagging along to my mom’s Pilates sessions. I would sit and watch in awe of the jungle gym like structures. Fast forward to my teen years and dancing. I had a reformer in my house and could “play at my own risk.” lolol.  My interest was sparked to start taking classes and honing my own practice. Once I got the chance to become an instructor I couldn’t be more excited to dive deeper into the whole Pilates world. Now it’s not only my favorite hobby but my passion and career!

What is your favorite exercise to teach?

I love teaching Short Spine on the Reformer. It’s so great to stretch the lower back and can ALWAYS challenge the abs in new and exciting ways.

What is your favorite exercise?

Teasers!!!!! On anything anywhere anytime. Reformer, Tower, Mat, Chair, and all around the world!!

Current favorite summer read:

How to Find a Flock by Chris Vola

Favorite podcast:

My Favorite Murder

Wine: Red or White?

White, or Rosé

Beach or Mountains?

I’m from Colorado so the Mountains will always have a special place in my heart. But the beach is my favorite summer hangout! Nothing beats the sun, sand, or a cool dip in the water.

Favorite thing to do in your free time?

Other than Pilates… brunching with my best friends.

One thing you never leave home without …

During Summer, mosquito repellent. Those suckers love me.



Wanna take class or a private session with Rhiona?

She teaches every Wednesday from 10am-2pm through August 7th.

11am   20/20/20
1pm  Pre-Postnatal Tower

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