Congratulations to Core’s September Client of the Month Richard Grossman!!

Richard has been coming to Core since April 2006  and has put in 445 hours in private sessions to date.

We asked Richard a few questions about his Pilates practice.

What is your Pilates story?

A friend of ours introduced my then partner (and now husband) and me to Pilates. I had not previously heard of it. I have always had a daily exercise routine and I was looking to add something to it to “shake it up.” I had found the CORE Pilates NYC Studio when it was on University Place, and I signed up for my first one-on-one session. I remember that first session vividly and thought “wow – this is a serious work out!” – and I liked it.

What’s your favorite Pilates class, exercise or teacher at Core?

I have only done the one-on-one sessions. I have a standing appointment at 11:00 AM on Saturday’s and that is where you will always find me on a Saturday morning! My two favorite exercises are chest expansion and the ab series – although anything that works my core and my posture I am definitely willing to do. Over the years I have had some amazing teachers – and my current one, Nikki Hung – is no exception. She challenges me to always do more and the time spent working with her is always enjoyable. What I like about working with the different teachers is that although the program is consistent, the manifestation of the exercises take on a personality all their own and that results in a slightly different work out.

What are some of the benefits you’ve seen from your classes at Core?

The biggest benefit is a better body, more muscle tone and more mobility. I look at this as a way of investing in my future health and wellness. In order to be active and healthy in your old age, you need to build the foundation when you are younger – and that is exactly what Pilates is doing for me.

Here’s Richard on the tower!!

Thank you Richard for your dedication and enthusiasm for Pilates!
Team Core