Victory Chen



“My favorite types of sessions are teaching first time Pilates clients, I love being able to lead someone through their first experience. I like teaching Mat class, because the classes can be bigger so there is more laughter and vocalization from the group.”



I believe in the potential of the human body! Whether your goal is toning, strength, overcoming injury, better posture, or to try a new style of exercise–I will work with you to make it a positive, challenging, and fun experience. Group classes are one of my favorite times to teach, because of the community of people building each other up. Good energy and atmosphere make a huge difference. My background in dance has made me focus training sessions on quality of movement not just exercise. I love to work flexibility through strengthening, the abdominals through the arms and legs, and endurance through focus.



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Victory is a classical ballet dancer turned Pilates trainer. Originally from Oklahoma, Victory graduated from professional ballet school before working with such companies as Tulsa Ballet II, DeMa Dance Company, Luna Negra(Project Luna), and Armitage Gone. She found her love for Pilates while cross training. A daily Pilates warm up helped Victory build strength and overcome injury from the rigorous demands of dance. She is a graduate of the Core Pilates NYC Comprehensive training program. With a positive yet disciplined teaching style, she hopes to impart her passion for Pilates to everyone she works with. Certificates of Training: The Core Pilates NYC Comprehensive. Graduate of Tulsa Ballet Center for Dance Education.