One Week Intro to Classes

Apparatus + Mat Classes
5 classes in 7 days

Expires in one week



Who Should Purchase the One Week Intro to  Classes?

If you are new to Pilates and to our studio and want to experience the variety of our schedule grid, then this is the way to go! It’s perfect for fitness explorers – you know who you are – who like to have different options within the week.

The package is only available for first timers and not available for more than one purchase. Also note that there is a cancellation policy that applies to this package also. Please cancel 24 hours in advance if you can’t make a class you have scheduled, otherwise you will be charged for that class.

What You Get

Give us a week and you’ll be a convert. 5 classes in 7 days is what you get in our  One-Week Intro to Classes which includes mat and apparatus classes. Use it or lose it, but we know you’ll be wanting more.

Top 3 Benefits of the Unlimited Week


You can select any of our Union Square studio’s Pilates classes to take.

Bootcamp Week Anyone?

5 classes for the week means you can commit to a week of serious body transformation.

Get Educated

Learn about the different classes we offer and what each entails. Some involve springs, like Tower, Springboard, or Jumpboard while others are just pure Pilates Mat.

How It Compares to Other Packages

You can purchase this only once.
Expires in one week! The Introductory Package expires in 3 months. And other packages expire in 6 months. So plan accordingly. There is a cancellation policy in effect for this package also so be sure you adhere to our 12-hour cancellation policy or risk getting charged for classes you pre-booked.
And nothing really comes close to the variety of choices available to you in one week!