Tower Class

Single: $35

5 classes: $165

($33 per)

10 classes: $320

($32 per)



Legs, butt, thighs

Shoulder stabilization


Spinal flexibility and health



“The Core Tower class was creative and challenging! Loved it!”

“Great full-body workout and Kelli put a fun/challenging spin on some of the standard exercises.”



Take your favorite Pilates Mat class and add in Pilates equipment – spring resistance and you have yourself one muscle-defining Tower class.

The Tower apparatus sculpts and defines through its springs.

The exercises are fun, memorable and the community of followers make it a fun class each and every time.

Legs, Arms…and everything in between (aka Core!) By using the Leg Springs, or the Push Through Bar of the Tower apparatus, you get targeted burn out for the upper and lower body while keeping the Core engaged and stronger.



Try to make perfect bony alignment your baseline coming in and out of exercises. Think of whatever is on the mat as your base (feet, knees, sits bones) and line the bones up on top of each other: knees over ankles, hips over knees, ribs over hips, shoulders over ribs, ears over shoulders. Once you feel aligned, try and get taller.

– Deb Troche, CPNYC Instructor and Core Tower trainer


Just when you think you can’t stretch the springs anymore… go for it! Try. You’ll get the best physical results by taking things just an inch further!

– Michelle Fama, Senior Instructor and CPNYC Faculty