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Open House

CPNYC’s Director of Education

Getting started is simple. Meet Sarah Ruback. As our Director of Education, she is available to answer questions about curriculum, schedule, tuition and payment plans. Contact her or attend our regularly scheduled and informative open houses.

We’re traditionalists. And we’re progressive.

Two features on the face of Pilates educational programming that ensure students get the classical method and teachings of Joseph Pilates while learning and approaching the work with an open-mind, a strong sense of self and what each individual student can bring to the teachings. Since the start of our training programs 7 years ago we’ve provided students with an unsurpassed structured learning framework. This blueprint simplifies the learning experience and allows students to better understand the classical Pilates system, session design and integration, and how to deliver it. Our difference is in the delivery. Students develop a strong foundation that includes a critical eye toward technique, how to modify for injuries and special cases, how to see, communicate and make corrections, and the mechanics of the human body through our Anatomy in Clay workshops.

Our programs demand critical thought, creative explorations, “an eye toward why,” and individual breakthroughs of confidence and realizations as a teacher.

There is that “it” factor to a CPNYC trained instructor. Or so we’ve been told by top studios around the world that have hired our graduates. It’s an essence that has grown organically within our program’s message and seeded itself within all our students.

We try to understand while you are, we learn from you as you are learning, and we anticipate your needs before you know you need it. An online learning center to keep things interactive anytime, anywhere? Online manuals with video demo’s? Anatomy in Clay? We have vision and create teachers that do too.


Learning the pure teachings of Joseph Pilates’ Method is the best foundation from which to begin your career as a Pilates professional.


Students get to concentrate each month of apprenticeship on various “mentors,” CPNYC senior faculty and guest teachers. Observe, have sit downs… an intimate learning experience.

Fun With Anatomy

Goodbye charts and lectures. Hello skeletons and clay! Build bones and muscles with clay on manikens for an unforgettable and close-up education on the foundation of human anatomy.


With trainings conducted in Hong Kong, Japan, NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Rome our reputation as a worldwide leader in Pilates training prevails.


A student login gains you access to the next generation of Pilates education. Online video-based manuals on your phone, kindle or ipad, worldwide alumni chat…all this and more within our Online Learning Center… coming soon.


Whether it’s a Comprehensive curriculum, module-based courses to progress at your own pace or participating in our Satellite program for distance learners, CPNYC delivers programs based on your needs and goals.

Is Teaching Pilates Right For You?

People from all walks of life are lured by the idea of promoting well-being for themselves and for others. 9-5ers, stay-at-home moms, professional performing artists, and more have all entered our programs in love with the idea of interacting, leading, and inspiring people through the Pilates Method.

Types of Jobs

The profession gives you the freedom and flexibility to be as entrepreneurial as you want. From training privately or in Pilates studios, fitness centers or rehab centers to instructing at spas, resorts, cruise ships, or opening your own empire, the options are limitless.


Expect flexible hours and varying pay rates. Generally trained instructors can command as much as $100 or more per-hour for at-home private training and on average $35 per hour in studios.

What To Expect After Our Courses?

Core Pilates NYC always hires from within first when there is a need and often graduates continue training toward becoming a CPNYC teacher trainer. Job placement at other top studios or fitness centers is generally easy to attain due to our courses high standards. Demand for instructors varies depending on the location.

Current Student Blog


Career in Pilates?

Getting out of the 9 to 5 grind means biting the bullet and deciding a different course. Is it as easy as waking up one day and saying YES to something new? This recent Pilates certification graduate weighs in on her first moments as a Core apprentice.

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Success Story


Ashley Orlando

I am working with Nautilus to offer a “Core Body Reformer” Fitness Challenge.

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Work Study Program

Pay a little, then work off the majority of your tuition in our studios with our work study opportunities. A few positions are reserved for each course and the positions are in high demand. Since its introduction 5 years ago, we have been thrilled to offer this alternative to help students reach their goals course after course.

Scholarship Program

This is our newest assistance program that seeks to give a committed and specially qualified candidate a “full ride” for one Comprehensive Course and Mat Training Course per year. It’s our hope to reward new directions to a student who might not otherwise have been able to expend the cost of the courses or time in a work study position.