Apparatus Classes

Single: $35

5 classes: $165

($33 per)

10 classes: $320

($32 per)

20 classes: $600

($30 per)


Chair Class

Defy gravity. A true test of strength and coordination. Surprise yourself with Core’s newest workout that is exclusively on the pedal only! Just chair means a direct line to the Core (seriously!) and a test of mental stamina. “You want me to do WHAT??” Yep. See for yourself.

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Tower Class

All springs all the time! Our signature Tower class leads the pack in our group apparatus class offerings. Designed as a full body workout, the various weight resistance of the Tower spring system targets legs, arms, back, and core.   (read more…tips, targets & class testimonials)

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Reformer Jumpboard

Our most cardio-focused class, the jumpboard gets the heart rate going while putting you through Pilates choreography on the Reformer that hone in on the Core and full-body sculpting. The jumpboard prop gets added to the end of the reformer and away we go… jumping to improve coordination, control and bring on lower-body burn.   (read more… tips, targets & class testimonials)

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Affectionately dubbed by loyalists as our “triple threat,” the 20/20/20 class utilizes the chair, mat work, and tower – 20 minutes each for an hour of apparatus intensity.   (read more… tips, targets & class testimonials)

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It’s our most popular and hyped as one of our toughest classes! 30 minutes of a flowing, precise and non-stop Reformer workout followed by 30 minutes of springs on the Tower.   (read more… tips, targets & class testimonials)

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Reformer Class

Get ‘reformed’ like never before. We sweep you through a heart pounding workout on the Pilates Reformer apparatus. Together. In a group. Our CPNYC signature style and twists included!   (read more… tips, targets & class testimonials)

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At long last Pilates marries the Barre. The offspring? A more sculpted you. Muscle-shaping isometrics are creatively combined using the ballet barre and Pilates spring resistance to sculpt butt, thighs, arms and core. Get ready to stand up lots, balance, stretch, and burn. You’ll be challenged in an entirely new way. We think we’ve found the formula to get you as svelt as a swan.   (read more… tips, targets & class testimonials)

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This is an experience. A simple self-treatment technique that our MELT Method certified instructors lead to reduce chronic pain and help you stay healthy, youthful and active for a lifetime. Come and relax, rehydrate and restore the three dimensional matrix called connective tissue that supports, protects and stabilizes every system in your body from the most superficial layer of skin down to your bones and everything in between.   (read more… tips, targets & class testimonials)

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