Private Training Sessions

Signature Privates:

$95/ 5 at $460/10 at $900/ 20 at $1,760


Senior Instructor:

$110/ 5 at $525/ 10 at $1,000/ 20 at $1,960


Master Instructor:

$125 each



Signature Private Sessions

Learn your body like never before through the tutelage of your own certified Pilates trainer that trains you to master all the Pilates apparatus in a results-driven, goal oriented training program. It’s the ultimate in personal attention and most effective for seeing and feeling a difference in your body.

Single $95     5 sessions $460 ($92 per)     10 sessions $900 ($90 per)     20 sessions $1,760 ($88 per)

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Senior Instructor Private Sessions

The demand for these rare breeds far outweighs the supply.  CPNYC senior instructors have undergone rigorous training programs combined with numerous certificates and years of Pilates teaching experience. They have a track record of proven results and understand how to read YOUR body and how to deliver a custom program targeted to your specific needs and goals.

Single $110    5 sessions $525 ($105 per)    10 sessions $1,000 ($100 per)    20 sessions $1,960 ($95)

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Privates with Kim

Kim Villanueva is the head teacher and co-founder of Core Pilates NYC along with Michelle Fama who resides and reps the CPNYC brand and method on the west coast. The two Pilates pros and entrepreneurs developed the CPNYC brand and signature workout method over 14 years ago and established an internationally renowned teacher training program. With over 20+ years of influencing the fitness industry, Kim heads up trainings and operations at the NYC flagship studio. Her dedication to health and fitness and helping others has led her to obtain certificates in the MELT Method, ReXist360, advanced anatomical studies and her impressive roster of clients are diehard enthusiasts of her unique training skills and style.

Single $125

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