Semi-Private Class

Single: $55

5 classes: $265

($53 per)

10 classes: $510

($51 per)

20 classes: $980

($49 per)




It is recommended that you take at least 3 – 5 Private Pilates sessions before signing up for a Semi-Private Class. Knowledge and familiarity of the spring settings, the do’s and don’ts when handling the equipment, and a basic grasp of the cues and techniques used are important to have down before sharing the dynamic nature of the Semi-Private Class with others. We recommend our Intro Package as a great starter.


Abdominal and lower back muscles


Abdominal and lower back muscles

All major muscle groups

Muscular endurance


Spinal flexibility and health



“I’ve been loyal to my Semi-Private class for almost 6 years now. I look forward to the usual group, and the class structure is always a surprise. Something different each time!”



 It’s the next best thing to the individualized attention you would get in a Private setting but without the hefty price tag. Structure of the Semi-Private class and the equipment used mirror that of a Private Session but you share it with one or two other people in class.


With only 3 people in the class, your instructor can still give individual cues and corrections which definitely improves the results.


Unlike other Reformer Group classes where you only utilize that one apparatus within the class, our Semi-Private class is designed like a circuit where you can experience many different pieces of Pilates apparatus within the class.



Make requests about what you would like to work on in class and get a workout specifically tailored for you. You can also take the opportunity in this smaller class to practice and get more fluent in Pilates exercises and become more self sufficient with mastering the apparatus (for other group classes).

– Kim Villanueva, Co-founder, Senior Instructor, Faculty