Salma Allam



“I push people past their limits, just enough. I get people to accomplish the things they thought would not be possible for themselves. ”



One of the reasons I chose to teach Pilates is that you can cater to the needs of almost anyone. It’s not exclusive, it can help pretty much  ever body. Being a choreographer, I love creating with what is presented, and pushing the limits. So starting with the basics, I wait to see who I’m working with to create the most efficient class, and take people farther than they thought they could go. My motto is work your abs!!! Nothing can efficiently be done without  core strength. A strong center provides the foundation for moving the rest of the body to its fullest potential.

There is an elegance in Pilates, a seamless way between exercises and focus that creates a full body and soul experience. I came to Pilates as a young teen  with no core strength, so it’s the part of me that appreciates it the most. A strong core allows me as a dancer to do almost anything I want with my body. So this is why I love seeing people strengthen the center of their body.  From the strength of your core all else can move with a little more ease. I like to add a pinch of humor to everything in life, it’s important to laugh at ourselves, especially while trying to demand the utmost of our facility.  This form brings out the beauty of each individual, so they can shine to there potential. Be magnificently you — find your magnificence.  I want people to always feel empowered and like they have discovered something new about themselves and bodies when they leave my class. Also, I hope they had a good laugh.


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