Pre/Postnatal Mat & Apparatus Classes

Single: $20 mat

$35 apparatus

5 classes: $95 mat

$165 apparatus

10 classes: $180 mat

$320 apparatus

20 classes: $300 mat

$600 apparatus



Pre/Postnatal Tower

Slow and steady wins the race. Having a baby is a phenomenal physical feat taking your body through a major transformation in just 9 months. Whether you are pregnant now or postpartum, the benefits and community of expectant and new moms is empowering and supportive. The class focuses on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, and keeping the legs, back and arms strong and toned while staying flexible and utilizing your breath.

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Pre/Postnatal Pilatesbarre

Get that little extra burn you’ve been looking for with Pre/Postnatal PilatesBarre.  Similar to our signature PilatesBarre class modified to meet the needs of this specific population. This class focuses on abdominal and pelvic floor strengthening, combined with resistance of the Pilates springs and the barre for balance.  Work on stamina, balance and overall tightness.

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Pre/Postnatal Mat Class with Props

Think of it as a jungle gym for moms and moms-to-be. From classic Pilates magic circles, foam rollers, big and small balls, and weights this specialized class is designed to ease swelling, maintain strength, tone and flexibility and be loads of fun. The main focus is to perform safe and effective Pilates exercises designed specifically for the rapid changes your pregnant body is experiencing.

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Pre/Postnatal Reformer Class

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Pelvic floor strength and connection

Mental focus

Preventing diastasis recti

Breath control

Stabilize hip and pelvis muscles


Quicker recovery and return to pre-pregnancy body



“Core offers the most variety of classes dedicated exclusively for moms. I felt safe and in good hands and attribute my healthy labor (no meds!) to my training here.”



One of the main objectives of our pre and postnatal classes is to keep the rectus abdominal separation to a minimum by strengthening the deepest abdominal muscles while focusing on breathing and rhythmic kegal contractions.

Our classes bring exercises especially created by highly trained CPNYC instructors for you to have the most positive birthing experience possible.

Our expert trainers know how to keep fluid build up to a minimum.

The breathing techniques learned through Pilates helps during labor and delivery and even after… when you need to relax!



When relaxin kicks around the 10th week in pregnancy it’s time to change up your workout to strengthen your pelvic floor, keep the legs, back and arms strong and staying flexible.

– Kim Villanueva, Co-founder, Senior Instructor, CPNYC Faculty