PilatesBarre Class

Single: $35

5 classes: $165

($33 per)

10 classes: $320

($32 per)

20 classes: $600

($32 per)



Balance and core stability

Lifts butt, leans inner and outer thighs

Triceps and shoulders

Muscle-shaping isometrics



“Ok so Dan is THE man. I come for the unique leg sculpting workout I get from barre and springs but when he teaches I always have a great time and get sore abs from laughing!”

“The instructor was great! Amazing class for toning and stretching. I had never done Pilates or barre before and I loved it.”



Unlike other classes where you use the barre 50% of the time, this class is designed to utilize the barre most of the class in creative, muscle burning ways. You will be standing most of the time.

Barre + Pilates chisels at the thighs and glutes like no other method. When you combine the two you have one of the most effective leg sculpting workouts around.

Our use of tubing and spring resistance from the tower when working with the barre provides sure-fire toning techniques for the upper body and arms.



Get ready for variety! The class is designed to incorporate so many props all while using the barre. The springs, tubing, circles, hand weights, balls… Oh and always go lower and deeper than you think you can. Work those quads especially. Get ready to train your dancer muscles with a Pilates point of view.

– Dan Weltner, CPNYC Instructor and Pilatesbarre trainer