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All those can’t-get-enough enthusiasts who want all-access all the time plus a few perks built in!


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“The Core Tower class was creative and challenging! Loved it!”

“It’s crazy how sore my low abs are after this Jumpboard class. You are working so many muscles.”

“First time doing the 20/20 class, loved it! I got to try out three different types of Pilates in one class, which was really cool. Only three people in my class so the instructor was really hands-on and I felt like it was really personalized!”

“Really unique and challenging sequence of exercises – just the right balance of toning, stretching and lengthening. Love the triple threat of the 30/30/30 class.”


Why You’ll Love the Unlimited Monthly Package

We’ve determined that the most effective way of reaching fitness and health goals is through consistency. Picking an effective method that works for you and really GOING FOR IT! Waking up each morning with your fit-home secured is half the battle. Aren’t there enough decisions we have to make in a day?