Mat Classes

Single: $20

5 classes: $95

($19 per)

10 classes: $180

($18 per)

20 classes: $320

($16 per)





Core abdominals, obliques

Accessory muscle groups

Coordination and control


Mindbody connection



“Awesome work out! You get a lot of hands on instruction. Shawn was an extremely attentive instructor learning the names of each person and walking around the entire time to make sure positioning was correct! Huge bonus was I felt like I used all of my muscles!!”


“Fantastic class! Allie’s especially. Really worked hard without being overwhelmed.”


“Really loved the class. Instructor kept us focused and really called out individuals to keep proper form when needed. Loved the connection to breath. My first mat Pilates class and I def plan to be back !”


“Kristin is awesome! An amazing instructor.  I felt I learned stuff I never learned in other class”



The Core Mat class is right on point with the price… a great entry into our studio and the fundamentals of Pilates.

Mat classes are everywhere. But the most effective are found at Pilates studios. CPNYC trainers design their Core Mat classes to flow – to truly move you, and teach you something about your body you didn’t know before. Hello alignment! Hello deep core!

The Core Mat class is hard. You work for the results given in a Pilates Mat class. Some say they are more challenging than apparatus classes because you have no help when finding
alignment and balance. See for yourself!



Have some fun and always strive for more length in each muscle! Consider that every movement should be initiated from your abdominals and every movement gets easier the deeper you connect to those abs!

– Jo D’Agostino, Senior Instructor, CPNYC Faculty and Core Mat Trainer