Laura Constantiner

Teacher & CPNYC Faculty


“Laziness makes my soul bleed. I like to approach my group classes blindly - wait and see what I have to work with, then improvise. ”


I chose to teach Pilates, specifically, because I truly believe that the strength and mobility of our core is the foundation for all types of movement. Pilates has given me a rich and comprehensive understanding of anatomy and how everything works together, which has helped me help my clients. Pilates is low-impact which enables us to teach bodies of all kinds-limitations and all.  As far as my teaching style goes, well, I cannot let bad technique fly. I call what I see. Laziness makes my soul bleed. I like to approach my group classes blindly – wait and see what I have to work with, then improvise. I find that this works best for me, now that I’m a more experienced teacher. This approach helps me stay present with my bodies. You can’t get too attached to a plan, because more often than not, in real life, that plan gets thrown out the window. I try my best to give my bodies what the need in the moment. Contrary to group classes, I structure privates differently, in the sense that I can do more pre-planning, especially with my standing appointments, whom I see at least once/week. I already know their strengths, weaknesses, and limitations, so I can loosely structure a session beforehand. This helps remind me to try new approaches or variations. With that said, I always plan to improvise some of the session, depending on what kind of a day it is for my client – do they feel like getting their ass kicked? Do need a lighter session? Again, it’s all about what’s in front of me. Besides working the core, I like to zero-in on the glutes, using squats, side kicks and lunges, for a couple reasons: 1). Most people have weak and tight glutes, which can cause or exacerbate low back pain. and 2). Who doesn’t want to work work work work work their booty?



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Meet Laura –   teacher and faculty at CPNYC. She is a graduate of the CPNYC program and has been practicing Pilates regularly for the past nine years. Dance is what brought her to the method, and she hasn’t looked back since. Before she taught Pilates, Laura ran her own health coaching business, but got bored doing phone calls and not interacting with real people.  She saw teaching Pilates as a better opportunity for her to empower people to take control of their life. She cracks the whip on technique, so you might hate her during class, but you’ll thank her after. Take it or leave it. When she’s not teaching, She YOLOs. She writes an (explicit) blog, DOES Pilates, hot yoga, Crossfit, box, listens to music, reads, travels, and takes photos of her husband sleeping #HBfallsasleep. Ronda Rousey is her celebrity crush. Certificates of Training: CPNYC Comprehensive. Prenatal training through the Kane School at Kinected. Bella Bellies Pre and Post-natal training.