Kristin Hoesl

Senior Teacher & CPNYC Faculty


“I was lucky enough to have walked into Core Pilates many years ago and it has been life changing. This is not hyperbole, this is not an overstatement, this is the truth. All of the instructors are top-notch, but my experience with Kristin has been noteworthy. She has “the gift” of an excellent pilates instructor—she is completely present, reading both my body and mood throughout the lessons and adjusting the challenges accordingly. I think that Kristin’s knowledge, humor and personal experiences allow her to know just the right amount to challenge me—never too much so that i am discouraged, and never too little so i am bored and phoning it in. On the contrary, when I leave my lessons with Kristin I feel like I am in my body and I am connected to my mind. It is in not often one’s expectations are surpassed, but I have to say that mine have been with regard to my work with Kristin and my experiences at Core Pilates NYC. - EG”


If you’re looking to get more in touch with your core, learn about the classical Pilates method, and laugh while doing it, well then, I’m your gal! In the ten years that I’ve been teaching, I’ve trained everyone from eager apprentices to post-natal moms to previously sedentary octogenarians. I love the way in which Pilates teaches people how to stabilize AND articulate their spine, and I take pride in being creative and fun with my teaching. All is ask is an hour of your time and a willingness to try your best and trust the process!



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Kristin has been an instructor at Core Pilates NYC since finishing her teacher training certificates in the spring of 2006, and has also been a part of the Comprehensive Teacher Training Program since 2007.  A Long Island native, Kristin has lived in NYC (Brooklyn – what what!) for over a decade and came to Pilates after earning a BFA in Musical Theatre from Syracuse University.  Outside of Pilates, Kristin studies French at the Alliance Française in midtown and is a longtime member of Crossfit South Brooklyn, where she uses her Pilates training to help her lift heavy things.  She loves dogs, coffee, and the NY Mets. Certificates of Training: Pilates (400 hours, Core Pilates NYC); Yoga (200 hours, Bodhisattva Yoga, Park Slope), ACE Certified Personal Trainer.