Katrina Stephenson



“Correct alignment for YOUR body comes before everything else. I also put a special focus on the needs of your everyday life.”


  • Beginners and those who are completely new to Pilates
  • Pre/Post-Natal
  • Men
  • Special Cases/Injury Rehabilitation
  • Seniors

There is nothing like the one-on-one attention you can get in a private session.  If you can invest in regular private lessons, we can accomplish a lot together in a very short period of time and work on addressing your own individual needs.  That being said, by contrast, I really love the sense of community and laughs we have in my group mat classes.

In addition to a killer abdominal workout, I always focus on proper pelvic alignment.  The pelvis is the connection point between the upper and lower halves of our body, and pelvic stability is absolutely crucial for a healthy spine.
I am a self-professed Pilates nerd.  I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with the Pilates method and the mechanics of the human body.  I love helping each individual I work with overcome their own personal physical challenges, whether it’s recovering from an injury or physical ailment, improving alignment, getting stronger and more toned, staying fit through pregnancy, or relieving chronic pain.  The human body is an amazing instrument and we only get one chance to use ours to its full potential!  I am a firm believer in Pilates and its ability to improve every aspect of our lives by improving overall health, alignment, and physical fitness.  I’ve seen the benefits in my own life, and I love helping my clients have those “aha!” moments when an exercise really clicks for them.

In both my group classes and my private lessons, I focus on correct form as much as possible.  I really believe my clients will get the most out of the exercises if they are performed precisely and with conscious, controlled movement.  Correct alignment for YOUR body comes before everything else.  I also put a special focus on the needs of your everyday life.  You may sit at a computer for most of the day, or be a highly tuned, competitive athlete, but either way, Pilates will help train you to move about in your daily life better, and in a way that will allow you to enjoy more mobility for longer.  I absolutely love my job as a Pilates instructor, and strive to make every body I work with look and feel its best!


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