Kate Garfield



“Why Kate is great: she's precise and her classes are demanding, but she's also incredibly thoughtful when it comes to providing modifications for injuries. I have a labral tear in my right hip, and Kate knows exactly how to push me to do my best, while making sure that I don't re-injure myself. She's got a great sense of humor, so even at the end of a tough class, I'm smiling. I've been working out with her for a year, and I highly recommend her! - Hilary Davidson”


My regulars and I have a great rapport– they laugh a lot during class– I aim to create a positive space for them to jump in and push their limits. I work them out hard (but safely) and it goes by fast, because we’re all in it together. I learn while I’m teaching– if whatever my agenda is, isn’t the most beneficial for the group, I adjust so everyone can benefit. Core taught me to teach the bodies in front of me– and that is my focus every class. I love to connect with the people in my classes, after all, we’re in it together. I love to push people past what they think they can do- but also break down concepts– I never want to just run through something… I want to WORK it.

I come with a focus (balance, or centering, or breathe…etc…) for the class, and amp it up or break it down depending on the needs of the group. We work in alignment and deeply. Some days are fast paced leaving you dripping in sweat; other days we break down the exercises and focus heavily on technique. Each class should leave you feeling lengthened and empowered.  I always want to make sure we are working the entire body, but it depends a lot on the client. I look at the client to see where they are THAT DAY, both in mind and body. I love designing sessions for clients I know really well. I love seeing their progress. I love it more when they see the benefits of Pilates in other parts of their life.  Pilates is holistic. Pilates supports everything else you do. Pilates centers the mind and body. Personal training is awesome– but for me, is a bit one sided. I love Pilates because of its a comprehensive approach to fitness.


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