Deb Troche



“I had my Pilates debut with Deb at Core about five years ago, and I have been coming back since. It's the first time in my life that I have kept up with any type of exercise, pilates really gives you a knowledge of and respect for your body and results that are inspiring and long-term. Deb is an amazing teacher - kind, knowledgeable, challenging and really funny, both in a group class and in private sessions. I also came to her for my recovery after surgery since I trust her sensibility. I love Deb, but I also have never had a bad experience with any of the teachers at Core. - Nina Persson”


A sense of humor rules my classes and sessions. I firmly believe that we take things way too seriously in NYC, so if you lighten things up, people just might have a little fun while they’re getting their butt kicked; I’m old and broken! LOL! Seriously, I understand injury recovery and chronic pain because I’ve been there. I’ve made it my mission to learn as much as I can about the conditions my clients present me with. I listen. Often, the issue isn’t where the pain is. By listening to my clients about what hurts, where and when, we can come up with a strategy to work within their limitations while getting strong enough to banish those limitations. I approach group classes from a belief of teaching the bodies in front of me. If I have a class planned and it doesn’t sit right on the bodies in the class, I will toss it out and make one up that works for who is there! My favorite body parts to focus on are the glutes. Because of how much sitting, running, spinning etc. that we do, often times I see hip flexors and quads over-worked and glutes under-worked (especially when I hear “I have lower back pain!”) Besides, who doesn’t want a more bodacious booty? I also like to work the brain!! I like to throw in exercises that improve cognitive function and neuroplasticity. Face it, none of us are getting any younger, so keeping our synapses firing optimally is vital for healthy mental function. I base my session design on the physical issues my client is dealing with on that given day. The overall goal is always to strengthening those areas that are weak, while challenging areas that are not. And if they’re not in pain, then I’m there to push them just a little further than they think they can go. When a client works with me, I make sure to become as knowledgeable as I can for them. My clients joke that many of their sessions start with me saying  “So, I took this workshop…” before trying a new exercise with them.  What I love about Pilates is that it is always a functional, full-body workout and that the system is flexible so it can be adapted to serve any level of activity, skill and capability. Pilates isn’t about an hour in the studio for me. It’s about creating the strength and stability to live your life to the fullest. Oh, and to reach the cookies off the top shelf without your back going out!



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Deb received her Classical Pilates training at Core Pilates NYC and has taken numerous continuing education courses throughout NYC. She is an actor and writer and understands how critical body awareness is, whether performing on stage, hunched over a laptop or pulling the cookies down from their high-shelf hiding place. Deb is also a certified Spinning instructor, so she is no stranger to intense workouts! She also has the unique perspective of having herniated cervical disks, lower back/SI joint issues and wrist surgery/weakness, so modifications are right up her alley. Deb loves training all clients, but has a special place in her heart for those who come to Pilates after an injury or have gotten a later start to working out. She also understands the challenges faced by women who have had gynecological surgery or are peri/post menopausal. Deb believes a spoonful of fun makes the hour fly by, so she’d love for you to come and play with her! Certificates of Training: Core Pilates NYC Comprehensive, Spinning certified. Hypermobility: Wonky Bodies with Rebekah Rotstein. SI Joint with Kuan Hui Chew and Healthy Necks with Kelly Kane. Pilates for MS and Neurological Disorders course.

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