CPNYC Coaching for Pilates Pro’s

Private Coaching Session: $100


Who Should Purchase These Coaching Sessions

Our very own CPNYC apprentices and grads or any apprentice from any Pilates certification or teacher training program, or new teacher who just graduated, or any seasoned teacher from all over the world. If you are a Pilates professional who desires an infusion of feedback and inspiration with Core’s renowned faculty this is for you. It’s perfect for new grads who need “tune ups” their first year teaching. Got an interview coming up and need to get feedback on a class you are structuring? Need technique tips? Overseas but can skype in a meeting? We are here.

What You Get

One,  55-minute one-on-one coaching meeting with CPNYC’s senior faculty. What it is NOT? A workout. What it is? Anything you feel you need; from a discussion or clarification on curriculum, to being observed teaching a 30-minute session or class and receiving feedback on your style or  idea, to advice on how to better your professional climb as a Pilates instructor.

Top 3 Benefits of These Coaching Sessions


You’re Not Alone

Most programs state that the real education begins when you walk out of the  doors. True indeed. Now,  coaching sessions post-education to keep you on track and growing as a teacher.

An Apprentice Advantage

We know, we know. Apprenticeship is already chock-full of requirements but include this package and schedule in this valuable one-on-one time to keep one step ahead. Ace your exams with the extra support and guidance.

It’s a Start

Can be purchased over and over if you need it.

How it Compares to Other Sessions

Put simply: it doesn’t. No other program offers a continual coaching/mentorship during and after your Pilates education. Plus, Core’s faculty will keep you feeling empowered and able.

Tips for Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are 55-minutes. Come prepared with your agenda.
Coaches include: Kim Villanueva, Michelle Fama (Los Angeles and NYC),  Sarah Ruback, Jo D’Agostino and Kristin Hoesl.
Scheduling: You may  schedule online in your desired coach’s regular shift or email  the teacher directly at their core email to schedule with them outside of the grid times. Please call 212.260.5464 for emails.