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Single: $35 / Mat $20

5-Pack: $165 / Mat $95

10-Pack: $320 /Mat $180

20-Pack: $600 / Mat $320


Single: $95 / $110

5-Pack: $460 / $525

10-Pack: $900 / $1,000

20-Pack: $1,760 / $1,960


Single: $55 / person

5-Pack: $265 / person

10-Pack: $510 / person

20-Pack: $980 / person

Our Classes

Signature Classes

Reformer Sculpt

Pilates is synonymous with the Reformer. Lovers of the Reformer flock for the flow, classic orders, creative variations and body-changing results. It’s pure Reformer.

Core Tower

All springs all the time for resistance training exclusively on the Tower units. You’ll rotate through the springs, bars and straps for a full-body zing.

Chair Balance + Strength

A pedal, some springs and gravity combine on the classic Wunda Chair for what is Pilates’ most uniquely designed, and hard to find group apparatus workout.

Classic Mat

Did you know the Mat work is the foundation of the Pilates Method? Work on mastering some of Pilates’ “original 34” movements in this 45-minute “floor routine” or mat class. Includes props and bands and the mat. Also includes an advanced level class.

Combo Classes

Reformer Elevate + Jumpboard

Lie down and jump. Literally. Pilates CAN be cardio thanks to the Jumpboard attachment. Expect the abs and legs to fire with unexpected modifications and expect some of the most familiar Pilates moves to be incorporated with the Jumpboard.

30/30 Combo

You’ll experience the 2 most popular machines in Pilates – the Reformer and the Tower for the ultimate in external spring load. Taught classically, and sprinkled with more contemporary twists. 30 minutes each.

20/20/20 Combo

The first of its kind, our circuit-style apparatus class trains you through the classic Mat, the Tower and the Wunda Chair. 20-minutes each.

Reformer Barre

We’ve reinvented the traditional ballet barre workout to fuse with our Reformer Sculpt class. You’ll work fun and challenging balance and leg exercise variations. And core conditioning is alive and well the the classical Pilates we know and love on the Reformer.

Specialty Classes

Pre & Postnatal Classes

Doctors want to know what our secret sauce is! Seriously. Our classes created by our specially trained experts for moms of all stages rank tops in the city. Our robust pre and postnatal offerings include Prenatal Reformer classes, Prenatal Tower classes and our signature group class, The Prenatal Workout taught by Jo D’Agostino. In addition we are the only studio that offers specialty pre & postnatal private sessions.

Semi-Privates (All-Levels)

How Pilates is meant to be – get the benefits and training as you would in a private session but in a classically-focused 3-person class. Train on all the apparatus, with individualized corrections ensuring YOU receive the corrections, cues, proper form and spring load for your body.