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10-Pack: $320 /Mat $180

20-Pack: $600 / Mat $320


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10-Pack: $900 / $1,000

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20-Pack: $980 / person

Our Classes

Signature Classes

Reformer Sculpt

Our signature classic reformer class is everything you expect in a classical Pilates workout on the Reformer. Choreography and all-springs and straps gets your entire body + core really strong, more limber and toned. It’s pure reformer – no other bells and whistles.

Core Tower

All springs all the time for powerful resistance training exclusively on the Tower units. This open-level class is a full-body workout rotating through the springs, bars and straps for endurance and strength training.

Chair Balance + Strength

An intense gravity-defying workout that targets muscles from every angle through a series of choreography rooted in classical Pilates and given that extra “it” factor with our own challenging twists and turns on the pedal and springs.

Classic Mat Flow

Our 45-minute class challenges you with a sequence on the floor that is both gentle on joints but intense on the core. You’ll employ controlled breathing while using resistance bands and rings. Perfect for newbies easing into our other classes.

Combo Classes

Reformer Elevate + Jumpboard

You will literally be jumping. This all-levels class is our cardio workout designed to increase the heart rate and sculpt the butt, thighs and core thanks to the Reformer jumpboard attachment.

30/30 Combo

Our most potent Pilates cocktail mixes 2 of your favorite CPNYC classes; Reformer Elevate and Totally Tower. 3o minutes each.

20/20/20 Combo

It’s our circuit-style apparatus class made up of one part from each of our top 3 classes – Totally Tower, Chair Balance + Strength, and Classic Mat Flow. 20 minutes each.

Reformer Barre

We’ve reinvented the traditional ballet barre workout to fuse with our Reformer Sculpt class so that every muscle group is targeted with special focus on legs, butt and hips.

Specialty Classes

Move + MELT

Spring resistance to tone followed by the MELT METHOD, a self-care system that eliminates chronic pain, and rehydrates connective tissue. Our most healing class!

Pre & Postnatal

Doctors want to know what our secret sauce is! Seriously. Our classes created by our specially trained experts for moms of all stages rank tops in the city.