CPNYC Co-Founder Kim Villanueva finds out what it means to be tough as she participates in her first team race challenge.





Tough Mudder……………what is THAT?

Right before Christmas as I was surfing Facebook I came across a post from a friend who was “looking for an additional 3 people to represent TEAM ETB FIT at a Tough Mudder event in Pennsylvania”.  Being interested in team sports and wanting to get into better shape I said “I’M IN!!!” without knowing what I was getting into.  Once becoming inspired by something, I tend to just take a leap of faith and jump into a situation.  Boy did I jump this time hahahaha.  It turns out Tough Mudder is one of the premier obstacle courses in the world designed by British Special Forces to test all around stamina, strength, mental grit and camaraderie.

Once looking up the obstacles which include scaling 12 foot walls, jumping off of a 15 foot cliff into ice cold water, running through fire and electrical wires (to name a few) I was seriously reconsidering.  It didn’t seem that the obstacles themselves were extremely challenging physically as I know with the proper training I could complete the 11mile course. The challenge seemed to be mentally preparing myself for the race.

I called my team leader and friend and told him that after reading more about Tough Mudder I was feeling apprehensive and quite frankly scared.  After talking with him I realized that it was not really about the competition but more about working together as a team and finishing the race together.  It’s about setting a goal and enjoying the journey to get there.  It will be a lot of preparation and team workouts but I am excited to get started.  So…… I officially registered today and there is no turning back.

I hope you enjoy following me on my journey.