Which Pilates On-Demand Workshop Reigned Supreme?

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For the first year, part of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales included our on-demand video continuing education workshops. We’ve had a productive year of video shoots and streaming our live workshops as an option for our graduate and pro community who wanted to attend but couldn’t make it to the course. We livestream’ed across the states and to even some countries. We have a wanderlust community that’s for sure.

This year, the Super Advanced Cadillac was the most popular on-demand workshop with Pilates for Back Care coming in 2nd. While these are always available for purchase, you have 2 more days to purchase the video for 40% savings! We want everyone to experience Carrie’s expertise as she continually elevates as an educator of the Method and as the new head teacher trainer with Core’s teacher training and certification courses in New York City.



Promotion EXTENDED through December 3, 2018!

Pilates Workshop Super Advanced Cadillac

Super Advanced Cadillac Workshop $125  NOW $75

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Pilates Super Advanced Reformer Workshop

Super Advanced Reformer Workshop  $125   NOW $75 

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Pilates for Back Pain

Pilates and Back Care  $125   NOW $75 

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Pilates workshop on how to teach on the Wunda chair

The Wundaful Wunda Chair  $75   NOW $45

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Workshop on how to teach on the Pilates Barrels

Barrels of Fun Workshop  $75   NOW $45 

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