How has it been adapting to motherhood?


I really love being a mother, more than I ever thought I would. But boy is it hard! Everyone tells you it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do, and it’s even harder. Putting another person before your own needs in every way is a difficult adjustment, but then she’ll laugh out loud for the first time or roll over or grow a tooth and I forget about how much I used to love to sleep late in the mornings.

You were one of my devoted students of prenatal props class, do you feel Pilates helped you during your pregnancy?


Pilates was absolutely the best thing I did during my pregnancy. I had terrible back problems in the past and I was worried they’d come back while I was pregnant, but they never did. I felt great right up until the day I gave birth, and I give all the credit to pilates (and you!). Plus I enjoyed the company of the other pregnant women–everyone talking about all the new things we were feeling and thinking and watching everyone get bigger and bigger. It was a great experience.


Did working out regularly help control your weight during pregnancy?


I gained a good amount of weight, but I ate a LOT. I used being pregnant as an excuse to pig out occasionally, which I don’t regret for one minute–one of the joys of being pregnant! But I felt strong and healthy the whole time, which I think is really what matters.


Would you do anything differently the next time around if you were to have another baby?


I know everyone says this, but I’d try to enjoy everything more. I was so worried about Mabel eating enough, sleeping enough, pooping enough, crying too much. Babies are hearty creatures, and I think it takes a whole lot to mess them up.

What are a few of your “favorite things” when it comes to products or gadgets for the baby?


There are some things that I thank God for on a daily basis. The bouncy seat and the Nosefrida are two good ones. There’s a not very cute mobile called the stim mobile that is scientifically engineered to fascinate any baby. Mabel would cry during every diaper change, so we put it over the changing table, and as soon as Mabel caught a glimpse of it she’d stop crying immediately–I swear it’s magic. And The Happiest Baby on the Block book by Harvey Karp. They should give that thing away with every baby at the hospital.


Share some of your multitasking tricks with us when taking care of baby?


I was totally unable to nap while Mabel was napping, which is what everyone tells you to do. I just felt like if I did there would be no time to do anything else but Mabel things. I probably should have listened, because let me tell you, I was exhausted the first few months. I would definitely recommend getting a baby carrier of some kind. Not only does it free up your hands, but Mabel couldn’t stay awake for longer than five minutes in it.


How do you find the alone time needed with your husband to keep the spark alive?


We got Mabel a few babysitters pretty much right away. I work at home, so I get a lot of one-on-one time with her, so I have no guilt passing her off to a babysitter whenever we want to go out.


What advice can you give to women who are pregnant with their first?


As my husband loves to remind me when I least like to hear it, “breathe.” And take prenatal Pilates classes… with Rachel!