Life is ultimately about the company we keep.  Isn’t it much more fun to travel with a friend, cook dinner for two, grab coffee with a neighbor?  I’ve been fortunate to turn a co-worker first into a good friend then into an exercise buddy.   Over the last few years, Linda and I have sweat, cursed, commiserated and laughed our way through running groups, step aerobics, downward dogs, and morning boot camps as we swore we’d go from puff to buff.  We even managed to join a gym as a couple to qualify for the lower monthly rate!  Consistently working out with a partner gives me the accountability I want to stay on track with my fitness goals, and the encouragement I need to motivate me during my setbacks.  And running my mouth while running my legs sure makes each lap around the track feel just a little bit shorter.  Next up: Core’s semi-private and duet sessions, or their awesome Intro for Two Package where I’ll get a discount for “doubling my pleasure” and the fun of having Linda ride shotgun in my Cadillac!

The writer, center, at the NYC marathon with her potential fitness buddies.

(The writer, center, at the NYC marathon with her potential workout buddies!)


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