Today’s #testimonialthursday is from Evgenia @kouklawellness who used to teach at Core, before she left to live in Crete. ☀️

Getting a Pilates certification, and getting it at Core, was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I always say that Core is my Cinderella story. I loved Core intuitively when I first visited, so I started as work study to help pay for my mat certification. I wasn’t sure at that point yet if I want to do the comprehensive. After “paying” it all off, I stayed as work study to be able to take classes at Core. I started taking apparatus classes, and decided that this is indeed what I want to do.

By this time Core felt like home, and I became friendly with the teachers and clients. Then came the time for my comprehensive. I absolutely loved it! It was full of information to prepare us for the “real world”, covered all the topics, apparatus, and had us teaching real clients within the program.

While doing the comprehensive training, I became an assistant manager at Core. After finishing the program, I became a teacher. This was my dream come true, as Core was my top choice of where I wanted to work. For some time I combined being an assistant manager and teacher, until I left NYC. I followed my heart to Crete, where I currently live. I teach locals and tourists here, and have received a lot of feedback that they can tell I’m a good and knowledgeable teacher. I have Core to thank for that. I love my job, and that I can do it anywhere.
Being immersed in the Pilates world, I decided I wanted to learn more. So I enrolled myself in Romana’s Pilates program, to become an even better Pilates teacher, and have more teaching options in Europe. I can definitely tell how much Core’s training has helped with with the new program that I am doing, which makes me even more grateful for my training at Core Pilates NYC.

What I loved about training at Core:
-Beautiful studio and equipment
-Professional and knowledgeable staff
-All the support we receive as apprentices to make sure we succeed.
There is a reason why Core’s teachers are so sought after in the Pilates business world, so if you’re looking to be certified, Core is the way to go!