How has Core’s Pilates teacher training program changed your life?

Core’s program is the start of a new career for me. It is a way for me to support myself financially while doing something active and engaging.  I have also met a ton of great people which is great for me being a newcomer in this big intimidating city.

Why did you decide to take Core’s Pilates Teacher Training program?

Honestly, because Core had the best website and the Weekly Open House made it super easy and non-intimidating to go in and see the studio and get information in person.

What is your vision for your new career as a certified Pilates Instructor?

I am really just keeping an open mind. I don’t know where it will go, but I know that right now I am very excited to get out there and start getting clients and helping people live better lives.

How do you feel about teaching Pilates?

I am, of course, a little nervous.  I want to be the best I can be, and I know that I will need more experience to do that so I am eager to get out and start teaching.

How do you feel about your preparedness level in teaching vs if you had taken a program with less of a time requirement?

I really feel like the time requirement for this program is a great advantage.  Even though it is tough to juggle with life and other jobs, etc. it puts you in the position of committing and also of soaking a whole lot of Pilates into your brain through the osmosis of being in the studio and the Pilates environment all the time.

Have you felt supported throughout this experience at Core Pilates NYC?

Yes, I never really had an issue with there being a lack of information available online and if there was I never felt any problem in asking faculty at any time.

How have Core’s teachers and faculty influenced your personal dynamic with fitness and/or your own teaching style?

The more time passes the more I am learning and seeing that Core’s teachers are seriously world class.  Every day I am trying to emulate their style and trying to steal their words.  They are really great people that I would love to model my career and my teaching ability after.

How would you describe your future teaching style?

Everyone has told me multiple times that I have a more slow, careful teaching style.  And I think that mirrors my personality.  I want to do things right and really feel them.  That is how I approach fitness and Pilates exercises.  Of course there is time for flow but there is also time to get things right and really feel the stretch or work for the correct position.

Has your own fitness level changed since starting the training program?

I am definitely in better shape now than when I started the program.  I have much more control over the tiny movements of Pilates.

What would you say your favorite part of the Pilates teacher training experience has been?

I think my favorite part of the training experience has been the intensive weekends. They are tough but I grow the most from teaching new material in front of my peers and it is a great bonding time as well.