What a year! New Pilates classes, new teachers, new teacher training courses in New Zealand, new events, new countries… Here are some snapshots of the previous year… behind the scenes of happenings at Core Pilates NYC!


Co-founder Kim Villanueva traveled to New Zealand to lead Core’s second year of teacher certification at Abundance Pilates studio. She worked closely with Allyson Donnelly, pictured here with her baby and apprentices, who, under Kim’s tutelage, became Core faculty.


Fabulous photo shoot of CPNYC instructors. Here, the one and only Shawn Merchant.

The best New York City Pilates instructors… Core’s very own, got their very own photo shoot! Here, the one and only Shawn Merchant delivers the most artistic shots to date!

Co-founder Michelle Fama shares wine tasting time with sister Pilates entrepreneurs in Cape Town, South Africa on her visit to the Body Control Pilates studio there.

Co-founder Michelle Fama visits sister Pilates studio owners, Dominic Pereira and Louise Knoop of Body Control Pilates in Cape Town, South Africa. In between workouts, a little wine tasting!


Outside of Cape Town’s Body Control Pilates, clients wait for the city’s best Pilates classes. A great exchange of learning happened on this visit!

Always time for dancing... one of co-founder Kim Villanueva's favorite things to do. Here with CPNYC instructor Andrea Davila.

Always time for dancing! Co-founder and Kim Villaneva shares her love of dancing on an evening out with CPNYC Pilates instructor Andrea Davila.

Models and CPNYC instructors have their fingers on the pulse (twitter) during a video/photo shoot.

CPNYC Instructors and video/photo shoot models have the fingers on the pulse, sending tweets of the days shoot in the studio. Not a bad Kraft food table either!

Director of Education, Sarah Ruback gets set up for a fantastic day on the set shooting 70 videos for a series on Howcast! What a fun time!

Senior instructor and Core’s Pilates teacher training and educational director, Sarah Ruback gets mic’d up on set of yet another video shoot for a series of 70 “How to Do Pilates” videos for Howcast. What a fun shoot!

Studio makeover. New paint. New signage. LOVE!

New paint job. New decor. New signage. Don’t ask how long it took to line up each individual letter properly for our new chrome masterpiece.

Co-founder Kim Villanueva leads an intensive teacher training weekend. Also our first ever livestream for education worldwide!

Co-founder Kim Villaneva leads studious apprentices during an intensive weekend of teacher training during our Comprehensive Pilates Certification Course. Camera’s were on for our first over livestream broadcast.

Co-founder Michelle Fama and Core blogger and LA based Pilates instructor Kristen Matthews visit the Pilates Method Alliance and share time with elder, Mary Bowen.


Our Prenatal Pilates blogger, Rachel Ortense keeps writing even after her second baby.


And then there is Hugo… this is what might go down at any given time during class when Mr. Hugo is in the studio.


And Mr. Hugo… AGAIN. Models and apprentices lighten up during an intensive shooting and teacher training day in the studio.

Fan base grows for Core's beloved teachers... Dan Weltner's class is reminiscent of Beatles mania some say!

The loyal fan base grows… some would say that Dan Weltner’s Pilates classes cause reactions reminiscent of the Beatles mania. We love this clients enthusiasm with her custom made t-shirt!