Tough Mudder Training: Take 2!

March 11th, 2012

My focus on the Tough Mudder race has gotten away from me a little bit but now I’m back!!  I signed up a little over 8 weeks ago and have a little over 8 weeks before the big day.  So here we are at the halfway point and this is my status.  I’ve had a back injury, celebrated a birthday and been in LA and New Zealand for 4 weeks.  Let’s cut to New Zealand and how it has impacted my Tough Mudder training.

I looked at my stay in New Zealand as an opportunity to recharge and make a shift in my eating.  Not that I was a bad eater before but I felt that I could cut a few things out of my diet and add more juicing and fresh vegetables into the mix.  With my workouts the most difficult part for me has been the run.  In the “Tough Mudder Workout” the first exercise is “The Running Man” which is to get into peak cardio condition.  I have to admit cardio is not my favorite although I know it is necessary to have a well rounded fitness regime.  I’d rather be on the reformer doing a half dozen teasers or knee stretches for days.  A combination of running and sprinting both on the treadmill and outdoors is required for The Running Man.   In New Zealand the breathtaking views with rolling hills and bodies of water the most vibrant color of blue made the outdoor run less painful.   If I wasn’t outside jogging, power walking or hiking, with spectacular views to keep me moving, I was doing Pilates at Abundance Studio (or online with or lifting weights at CityFitness in Wellington.

Now that I am back home The Running Man continues indoors.  This Sunday will be the first team workout.  I’m not exactly sure where we are going or what we are doing but I have been told to be ready to go at 7:45am and the workout will be outside.  I’m nervous yet excited.  Stay tuned for next time…

Kim Villanueva

Written by Kim Villanueva

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  1. Stacy Celi May 5, 2012

    We know Tough Mudder is a kind of event that requires all strength of your body and sharpness of mind. For this, you really do a physical fitness that can help you to endure this very tough event. It’s good that you consider Pilates as your personal Physical Fitness. You made a choice for that. In fact, it is just a mind-body exercise that will assist you become more aware of how one’s body moves and will refresh your body and mentally to ease stress. Pilates will in addition improve your posture. As has been a total body workout, Pilates can correct over-trained muscles which will help prevent injury while helping anyone develop improved core strength and increased range of flexion and flexibility.

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