“Allie is the best! I have been taking private sessions and tower classes 1-3x per week for over two years and have achieved great results — combined with some simple nutrition tips, I’ve dropped two dress sizes and stand two inches taller. Amazing! Allie manages to give me a harder workout than I think I’m capable of every single time, and always with a smile on her face. I can count on Allie to offer a ton of variety within my Pilates workouts to keep things interesting and challenging, all the while protecting my injuries.”

– Hana Ayoub

“Deb has changed my life in so many ways. Funny, patient, talented and accommodating to my ailments – real and imagined 😉 – she has enabled me to be stronger and more active than I ever thought I could be. Deb is the best.”

– Ellen Brofman

“Why Kate is great: she’s precise and her classes are demanding, but she’s also incredibly thoughtful when it comes to providing modifications for injuries. I have a labral tear in my right hip, and Kate knows exactly how to push me to do my best, while making sure that I don’t re-injure myself. She’s got a great sense of humor, so even at the end of a tough class, I’m smiling. I’ve been working out with her for a year, and I highly recommend her!”

– Hilary Davidson

“I was new to Pilates when I found Core NYC back in 2007 and according to their website, I have taken 385 classes since. To date, I have yet to find a studio anywhere in the world that offers such an extensive range of classes or knowledgeable, patient, challenging instructors. It has truly changed my body (I never had abs before!) and my approach to working out in general. 10 years ago I was more concerned with how I looked in a bathing suit but after years at Core I have also come to understand how important Pilates is for your mind, your spine and of course your core. I’ve loved watching the studio grow and look forward to many more years at Core.”

– Anne Forbes

“I can’t get enough of Dan’s classes! I’ve never had a class with him where I didn’t laugh and smile the whole time, he even manages to get me to forget my burning abs!”

– Sarah Foster

“I live in California but occasionally spend time in New York City. I only do mat Pilates, so I am thrilled that Core Pilates NYC offers a range of mat classes, from basic to express, with or without props. I attend Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Mat express classes and sometimes others. Kristin Hoesl, the Tuesday/Thursday mat teacher, is an exacting and experienced instructor who makes you get it right while managing to insert plenty of humor and fun into every class. She’s outstanding! I also appreciate Laura Constantiner’s upbeat attitude and excellent instruction in Monday’s class, and Shawn’s basic class (which is really hard!), as well as classes with Katie Huddleston and Isabella Curti on the weekends. I’ve taken classes with almost every instructor at Core Pilates NYC; it’s the best Pilates instruction I’ve ever had (and I’m fussy because I am also a teacher). The Core team is first-rate!”

– Carla Freccero

“I was lucky enough to have walked into Core Pilates many years ago and it has been life changing. This is not hyperbole, this is not an overstatement, this is the truth. All of the instructors are top-notch, but my experience with Kristin Hoesl has been noteworthy. Kristin has taught me in private, semi-private and group classes for about 6 (?) years. Kristin has “the gift” of an excellent pilates instructor—she is completely present, reading both my body and mood throughout the lessons and adjusting the challenges accordingly. I think that Kristin’s knowledge, humor and personal experiences allow her to know just the right amount to challenge me—never too much so that i am discouraged, and never too little so i am bored and phoning it in. On the contrary, when i leave my lessons with kristin i feel like i am in my body and i am connected to my mind. – I have had a few injuries over the years, and Kristin has been extremely helpful in helping me learn how to strengthen, stretch and care for my body. She adapts lessons to where I am on a particular day. I have watched Kristin teach other students as well, and she is so thorough and consistent. It is in not often one’s expectations are surpassed, but i have to say that mine have been with regard to my work with kristin and my experiences at Core Pilates.”

– EG

“Samone is a favorite! Her instruction style is engaging and energizing. She encourages each of us to take our bodies and minds to the next level, always with a sense of humor. I look forward to Samone’s class every week!”

– Katie Goldsmith

“I have been a client of Core Pilates since October 2013 and Kristin Hoesl became one of my two permanent trainers from the outset. I realized at once what an excellent trainer and teacher she is. She immediately established her authority and discipline so that I would get maximum benefit of each 55 minute hour. Since I am in my 80’s and a very strong personality and she is in her 30s, it takes a good deal of confidence, ability and “people smarts” to accomplish that so quickly. In each session, she shows her keen intelligence, her professional experience and her unusual ability to teach with both language and demonstration. She insists on one’s best abilities and performance. On her recommendation, I saw a physiatrist who agreed to have Kristin and my other wonderful trainer, Sarah Ruback, devise exercises in accordance with his diagnosis – exercises that along with my two private sessions a week have been invaluable. Not insignificant is that she has a great sense of humor and pleasing personality.”

– Alice H.

“This is an immaculate, modern, spacious and well equipped studio with a genuinely friendly dedicated staff. It has professional, well qualified Core Pilates NYC trained instructors. It’s easy to see why this studio has always had a great reputation! – I am an active semi retired pharmacist with physical issues that had limited my overall mobility and also caused pain. Years back I had been encouraged to do Pilates by my mother in law, a Pilates teacher trained by Carola Trier, a disciple of Joseph Pilates. I had done Pilates for many years before learning about this studio, and was fortunate enough to have Allie Lochary work with me in private sessions. Allie is by far the best instructor I have ever had. Sessions with her are such a wonderful and rewarding experience. Allie’s sessions are challenging, but at the same time fun. My mobility has definitely improved, knees do not hurt and I walk with more stability. I always enjoy my sessions, feel great, benefit and look forward to the next! I know with Allie I am safe and try my best with the exercises!”

– Manny Horvitz

“I have been doing Pilates for about six years now. I can honestly say Jo is definitely my Pilates guru. Jo is kind and personable, but don’t let her kindness fool you, she can definitely give you an extreme butt-kicking session. She is precise when it comes to your form and has an eye for alignment. Not only is Jo a top notch Pilates instructor, she is also an expert in prenatal and postnatal Pilates. I worked out safely and effectively under the guidance of Jo both before and after the deliver of my baby. She helped me with the preparation of the birth of my baby by teaching me how to engage my core and pelvic floor muscles. I was able to walk without pain within 2 days after an emergency caesarean section. All thanks to Jo for teaching me how to recover after the birth of my baby.”

– Helen Tam Hu

“After three weeks of wearing a walking cast to heal a stress fracture, I went straight to Core Pilates NYC to begin my own rehab after my orthopedist said he would not be prescribing any PT (what?). That was in 2007, and I have been at the studio every week since, taking private sessions. Jo D’Agostino has been my instructor for years, and is an utter delight to work with. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the human anatomy, and knows how to work with and around injuries. She has a million exercises up her sleeve that make the time go by almost too fast, and also make each session different. I love her eye for the smallest detail (“move your booty a quarter inch to the right…mmm…too much”), and can we talk about her sense of humor? Laughing throughout the hour distracts me from how hard I am working—and Jo works me really hard. The body burns (in a good way). Having my weekly senior private at Core is important for my overall fitness, wellness, and strength, and for fun!”

– Erica Kagan

“As an avid Pilates student for 10 years I was happy to find core and especially enjoy classes with Dan Weltner. Core’s general philosophy has just the right balance orthodox and flexible – which suits me and my body. It’s so difficult in New York to find a Jumpboard class but core has several a week! Dan in particular is creative and entertaining – which keeps the practice fresh.”

– Joyce Ketterer

“I’ve been studying pilates with Jo D’Agostino for more than five years. She’s the best Pilates teacher I’ve ever had, and indeed one of the best teachers of any sort that I’ve worked with. I have had some serious back problems as well as a broken ankle (following an accident). She was invaluable in helping me to recover from both. She is rigorous, patient, and has an amazing knowledge of anatomy. Above all I value her inventiveness, flexibility, and humor. Yes, Pilates is and should be hard. But Jo makes it a delight.”

– Robert Marshall

“My favorite day of the week is any day that I have class with Jo. I have never met a Pilates instructor so dedicated to ensuring that her clients come away with not only a great workout, but also a greater understanding of their bodies and a foundation of Pilates – all at the same time as being one of the funniest and warmest instructors out there. Jo’s focus and drive pushes me gently but firmly to levels I never thought I could accomplish. Recovering from a serious knee injury and returning to Pilates was not only a scary and difficult time, but frustrating as well. If I had not had Jo there to guide me patiently through the ups and downs of this process I doubt very seriously that I would have been able to start working out again, regaining not only my strength but my passion and enjoyment for Pilates a well. Jo truly is one of the greats.”

– Rachel Mayse

“I have been coming to Core Pilates NYC for the past year for its wonderful selection of classes and calming, beautiful ambiance. There I fell in love with Dan Weltner’s classes in particular because they are challenging, strategically thought out and his sense of humor is second to none. I started doing Pilates primarily for back and hip pain after my internist recommended that I do so. While my back pain gradually improved, the hip pain was not budging. Until this summer when I was fortunate to start training 1:1 with Dan!!! I would recommend any class, but especially Mat with Props. Because it it is very hard (nothing fires up hamstrings/butt like it does) and you will not be able to cheat!”

– Ljiliana Novakovic

“I had my Pilates debut with Deb at Core about five years ago, and I have been coming back since. It’s the first time in my life that I have kept up with any type of exercise, pilates really gives you a knowledge of and respect for your body and results that are inspiring and long-term. Deb is an amazing teacher – kind, knowledgeable, challenging and really funny, both in a group class and in private sessions. I also came to her for my recovery after surgery since I trust her sensibility. I love Deb, but I also have never had a bad experience with any of the teachers at Core. The clientele is very varied and sweet.”

– Nina Persson

“To describe working with Jo in one word, using three syllables: A-MA-ZING! Her knowledge of the body is second to none. She knows exactly what my body needs and what it can do – pushing me (or not) at just the right times. I leave every session (and class) with Jo completely energized from head to toe, aware of the strength of my body, and feeling like the best version of myself. All this while having fun, too – you can’t ask for a better instructor!”

– Julie Primavera

“I leave every session with Kelli feeling challenged and inspired. She maintains a fun and friendly demeanor while focusing closely on form and posture to ensure the most effective work out.”

– Britta Thornquist

“Katie is one of my favorite instructors at Core. Her classical training makes her classes flow and stay true to the beauty of Pilates, and her contemporary knowledge and dance background adds exciting new exercises that challenge the basics. Her hands on cues make all the difference when trying to find that ab connection and her attitude and love for Pilates is infectious-only she can make me laugh while I’m breaking a sweat doing the hundred!…Being in her class is not just a great workout but a ton of fun; I love her so much I usually take two of her classes back to back! If you want to experience Pilates at Core I highly recommend taking Katie’s classes.”

– Amanda VanDeventer

“Dan’s Friday morning classes get me very excited about Fridays and are the perfect way to ease into the weekend. Not only is Dan a talented and dedicated teacher, but extremely humorous. I often find myself smiling through the Pilates 100s! Laughter is the best medicine and a much appreciated addition to my Pilates workout.” – Rena W.