October has a lot of energy.. We’ve all adjusted to the crispness in the air, settling into the back to school feeling and wearing closed toe shoes. Halloween is the punctuation mark at the end of this lively month. But October is also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This past April, two weeks before the start of the intensive teacher training program at CPNYC, I lost my dear friend, author Katherine Russell Rich to breast cancer. Kathy was a unique case, having been diagnosed with stage four breast cancer over twenty years ago when she was only 32. She was told she had 6 months to live. And when she was still walking amongst us, she was then told she had 2 years to live. But she lived another 24. And I mean lived. Amongst her many achievements, she wrote the book ‘The Red Devil: To Hell With Cancer and Back.’ It became the bible to those touched by this disease and a particular favorite amongst nurses. The hospice nurse that attended Kathy in the last weeks of her life burst into tears when she realized she was caring for the actual author of this book that had come to and continues to mean so much to so many.

It is a great honor for me to finish my pilates apprenticeship by teaching Pilates in Pink, a weekly donation mat class. You’d haveĀ  to turn a lot of stones to find a someone who hasn’t been touched by breast cancer. Contribute to ending breast cancer while strengthening your core. Pilates in Pink is every Tuesday in October at 10 am, beginning October 2nd. See you on the mat.