I’ve been a new Mommy since May 21st, 2017 at 8:06 p.m. Best day of my life. My little Love

Bug was born. Little Mikey. Look how delicious he is:!


A measly eight weeks later, and I cannot imagine life without him in it. I live and breathe my

baby boy. I feel like he’s been in this world with me forever!


With that said, I’ve gone through my fair share of emotional highs and lows since having him-

throw in a couple one-two-meltdowns while you’re at it.


I knew that nothing could really prepare me for motherhood, other than just accepting that fact.

Of the many things OUT of your control as a mom, there are several things you CAN control.

Your health and well-being is one of them, and is probably the most important thing you can

not only do for yourself, but for your baby.


Trust when I say that if you were to tell me that a few weeks ago, I would have told you to “get

the f**k outta here,” but the notion that I could and should do everything myself was proving to

be nearly impossible, and unhealthy to boot.


In week three, I came down with a fever. I can’t remember the last time I had a fever. Before

this, I rarely got sick, and almost never came down with a fever. It was my body’s way of telling

me that something has got to change.


I wouldn’t wish being a sick with a newborn on anyone. It’s the absolute worst. At that point, I

had no choice, but to let my husband take care of the night feedings (best daddy ever) for a

few nights, so I could rest and recover.


After my brush with, what felt like death, I made it my mission to recruit help, and make time

every day to take care of myself because in doing that, I knew it would also be better for the



Here is what I now try my best to make time for every day:!

  • Eating healthy, nourishing meals.!
  • Take my supplements, namely my post-natal multi and probiotics.!
  • Move every day – walk, yoga, or a quick gym workout. !
  • At least 20 minutes of quiet alone time.!
  • Get outside!

Of all these things, the no-brainer here is the supplements. It literally takes zero effort, and can

help quite a bit, especially the probiotics.


Gut health has been scientifically proven to be linked to mood and emotional health, which for

new moms is crucial – especially those struggling with postpartum depression. And while !

probiotics aren’t the end all be all, I believe that high quality supplements can certainly help

keep your gut flora in check.


A healthy gut results in less inflammation — which, ultimately, causes and or exacerbates

preexisting health conditions — aids in digestion, helps the body better absorb essential

vitamins and minerals, and contributes to a more stable mood.


Since becoming a mom, I’ve started taking LoveBug “Labor of Love” probiotics, which is

awesome, because it’s designed specifically for pre and post natal women. There are five

strains of bacterium, hand-picked to benefit this population. They’re also allergen-free, non-

GMO, and gluten-free.


Personally, I have found that using these has helped regulate my digestion, and contributed to

me being a happy, stress-free mommy most of the time. While I cannot prove my

predominately good mood is due to taking this supplement, I truly believe that it has helped to

some degree, so I’m going to keep popping these babies (no pun intended), and you should too.