Hometown: New York City
Current City of Residence: New York City
Career Before Pilates: Sales and Marketing Manager
CPNYC Course You Graduated From: 2009
Where are you now in your Pilates career: I’ve taught at studios throughout Los Angeles, and I currently teach privately and at Uptown Pilates UWS.


Top 3 things you love about being a Pilates professional?

I love watching clients transform over sessions and meet their goals. I especially love working with injured athletes and seeing them come back from their injuries through Pilates.

What are you setting your sights on in the upcoming future with regards to your Pilates career?

I’d like to teach moreĀ  and combine my passion for health, nutrition and Pilates into my full time gig!

Why did you decide to teach Pilates?

I was tired of the corporate lifestyle and was looking for a career that resonated with who I am. I’ve always been a caregiver in some way or another, and teaching is a way to care for people on their road to better health.

Top 2 exercises to teach and why?

I love chair exercises; It’s my favorite piece of equipment and the most underused. Pull ups and kneeling push downs are amazing to teach because clients have to have that core connection in order to do them properly – and the first time they do their reaction is the best part! They always surprise themselves!

Have any clients that have experienced a-ha moments or breakthroughs through your teachings and care to share?

I was working with an overweight client who had knee injuries and was advised by her doctor to get gastric bypass surgery. She declined his advice and instead started a healthy eating plan and Pilates. In 10 months she was within 25 pounds of her target weight and even her doctor couldn’t believe it! She overcame her weight, injuries and empowered herself all through Pilates and diet!!

What were your biggest challenges as an apprentice and how did you overcome it?

Getting the words out of my mouth. It’s a different experience to know how to do something and to explain how it’s done. That was the hardest part.

And lastly, Core Pilates NYC and your experience in the teacher training program:

I bonded so much with my class and the studio became a second home to me – the teachers, clients – everyone. It was a real educational community.