How You Can Learn to Teach Pilates in New York City

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Let’s face it. New York City is THE place for Pilates. Afterall, it’s where Joseph Pilates himself set up his studio. The classical Pilates method is alive and well in our beloved NYC which is why so many prospective students of Pilates from all over the world gather here each educational cycle. We’ve been lucky enough to have quite an international flare for each of cour ourses and are proud to say we have grads teaching in places such as Finland, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Dubai, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, LA, Chicago and more! Here are some tips when considering coming to New York City for a Pilates teacher training program. 

Choose Your Pilates Teacher Training Program

We’ll make it easy. Core offers one of the most prestigious and popular and effective teacher training programs in the city. We’ve been at it for over 15 years and our curriculum as well as our e-learning platform make learning immersive and engaging.

We’ve worked with students traveling from abroad to help them navigate the tricky NYC real estate game — and with things like airbnb. com and yes, still craigslist – solutions for housing and accommodation in New York City are much easier to find and score. Often times folks traveling from abroad or out of state come for the intensive weekend and have a studio at home that they have worked with to help host their apprenticeship. This is ideal – since you would need a home to practice, observe and test out. For those who are lucky enough to be in New York City for the full 6 months (if you are opting into our Comprehensive Immersion Program) than all coursework, test outs, and apprenticeship will take place at our flagship studio in the Flatiron.

Securing visas, if coming from abroad, isn’t something that have done but we have known apprentices who were able to get a student visa in order to come to the states for an educational program.

If you are interested in learning more about how to become a Pilates teacher at our New York City studio please contact our director at or call 212. 260.5464.

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