It was nice to take a little break from reality and be an audience member at the Doc Oz show recently.  Raining cats and dogs outside, it was hardly the day to be on camera. I was able to switch my rain boots to petite red flats that my friend was wearing, while she slipped into a pair of shiny nude heels to match her stylish capris. I think I committed an on-camera fashion mistake by wearing my busy striped blouse. Ah well… I was just excited to be visiting one my favorite talk shows and have a day in the city without kids!

We arrived at NBC studios and at the bottom of the elevator stood a cute usher in a suit jacket asking us if we are there for the Doctor Oz show.   Next we entered into the digital cafe where we are offered bottles of water, given our names for the tickets and wrist bands. We had to be at the bottom of a different elevator by 9:10 exactly in order for us to get into the studio. We had little time to take a bathroom break and freshen up our faces before getting in the studio. While on line an intern comes up to each one of us with a plastic bag filled with gum and asks us to please throw out our gum if we are chewing it. Evidently it doesn’t look cute if your chomping on gum on camera. You think?

After being divided into groups for seating, we are escorted in and  told by ushers where to place our bags… under our seats so they are not visible and are again given the chance to spit out any gum that may have not heard the first message.
With some brief comic relief by a stand up whose sole job is to “warm us up” we were walked through when to stand up to welcome Doctor Oz As he made his entrance into the studio, when to clap, and when to stop clapping. For the parts where he was talking into the camera for those watching at home he just reads the TelePrompTer which was so big I could read it from my seat. He interacted with us a little while the cameras were off but not as much as I would have hoped. I guess he was saving his energy for show time .

The show was about plus-sized models and their beauty secrets…like how to look our best  when posing for a picture. Turn to the side, hand on hip,  press the tongue to the front roof part of your mouth and exhale all your air out as you smile. Oh, and chin to the side and down! Who can remember all that when it’s hard enough to fake a smile!?

The last part that they filmed was ways to live to 100. One of the ways was to stretch after taking a shower which was so funny to see him demonstrate.  Not the most graceful demonstration Doc but we got the idea:)

After the last segment was filmed we  were happy it was over because by then we were tired and hungry from all the excitement and enthusiasm.
I can’t wait to watch it though! I’ve set the DVR to catch the shows so I don’t miss it between feedings, Pilates and other errands. Look out for me: middle right, striped red and white shirt and NOT chewing gum!