Established in 2002, Core Pilates NYC ranks amongst New York City’s best and most recognized studio names for classical Pilates apparatus sessions, group classes, and certifications offered worldwide.

Why We're Different

A Core Pilates NYC instructor is characteristic. They have an uncanny ability to tweak little details to get the most out of you. Their understanding of anatomy and movement is second to their talent in conveying the Method’s principles for all to understand. Most of the instructors are graduates of a CPNYC teacher training program and come from backgrounds as diverse as professional dancing to international journalism.

The Classical Experience

We’re rooted in the original teachings of Joseph Pilates because in our opinion it is truly the only way to get that zing in your body and mind during and after class. But we are also creative thinkers and have challenged convention with doses of modern choreography, sculpting trends and fusion classes.


This is where you’ll experience how we’ve raised the bar. Our Pilates classes are recognized as “smart,” with innovative twists to the classical themes that always keep them fresh.

Specialized Training & Programs

Coming soon.


Variety is a vital part of training and our instructors create a customized Pilates workout that builds in intensity with endless modifications that never get boring. Sessions always circuit through each piece of Pilates apparatus and classes are strict on classical flow, dynamism, and choreography to keep it fun and challenging. We encourage you to try different teachers to deepen and enrich your technique.



The Team

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