Core Pilates NYC + Dino Apparel take on NYC

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How all good relationships begin… it starts over coffee. A conversation ensues and a mutual lightbulb goes off. “This could be an amazing merger.” This time it wasn’t just the double shot of espresso talking or the fact that I had literally slept in and was once again wearing the Dino Apparel jogger at that fateful meeting with Suzanne, Dino’s founder. It was clear that the brand had a story. And that it needed to write itself a new chapter. One that only the city streets of NYC could provide. Chic comfort fashion needed to come to the Flatiron and I had just the studio space for it. We’ve been looking for retail partners for over a year with some short-lived arrangements here and there… but nothing that stuck or that resonated with our clientele.

With Dino’s story, quality, vision, and price point I was certain we hit the sweet spot. Day 1 of the merchandise being displayed you’d think it was Christmas. Long gone are the days of wildly printed leggings or snug built in bra tight lulu tanks as folks went goo goo over the softness and fit of the first shipment. Not to mention the color scheme. Blush pink anybody? Probably the trendiest color of 2018. The Dino apparel showroom is now on display at the Core studio and the brand is currently inviting a handful of fit/lifestyle/influencer ambassadors #DINOgirls to help spread the word, wear the goods and share the love. It’s easy to do when you can be Insta chic wearing a Dino piece with either heeled boots or converse and, in my world at least, segue way with ease into nighttime (ahem… as in bedtime!)

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