The Sensation That is #MarchMatness

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It had to be done. Unifying a historically stubborn, often-times behind the mark Pilates industry. Thanks to friend, co-worker and Pilates thought leader Benjamin Dengenhardt the Pilates community is finally on board a movement. Together. It’s been 5 years since Benjamin launched the movement dubbed #marchMatness where 34 body weight movements on t in the classical Mat order is showcased over the course of each day in March. Starting with The Hundred on March 1 and ending with Push Ups at the end of the month. It’s purpose as Benjamin has said on the MarchMatness website, “In 2013 I filmed one of my workouts to be able to assess my form and self correct my practice. Everyday in March I would post one of the Pilates Mat exercises in their original order and begin a conversation about the form, logic, and intent behind each exercise.” And so the movement was born.

And I am thrilled to see that this year my social feed has come under attack by everybody (and their uncles) posting their often creative, wacky, classic, and fun versions of the very first exercise in the classical Pilates Mat order, the Hundred. This past month was all abuzz with teachers, studios and even clients planning their posts, scheduling photo shoots, video shoots and my very own studio’s social media manager getting kicked out of Grand Central Station during one of our adventurous ideas (you’ll have to wait mid-month for that one!) Evidently laying down on a Pilates mat inside Grand Central at rush hour with a video camera is not allowed!

What I am most thrilled about is the unity that this fun and purposeful month has created on social media. It’s an opportunity to connect to each other in the most authentic way possible – through the classical work itself. We all have opinions on orders, breath, technique and form but for one month we champion all of it. We elevate it with our own ideas of how to present it. I am looking forward to what the month has in store and to all my fellow participants —go mad with Mat in March!

To see how much fun WE had with #marchmatness2018 go to our facebook or instagram pages.

Pilates March Matness in New York City

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